Monday, September 6, 2010

Hot Air Balloon (mini) Ride

We had a surprise visitor in our neighborhood this morning.  We see quite a few hot air balloons pass over our house so we are use to the (whoosh) noise that comes with them.  Well, this one sounded awfully loud.  My husband was out running and my kids were still in bed.  I peeked out the door to see my husband with wide eyes and this hot air balloon barely clearing the pitch of our house by a foot! They landed the balloon just down the street.  I guess the balloons are carried by the wind current and the pilot had either the choice to go up and out of control or down.  (at least that's how one of the crew explained it?)

We gathered the kiddies out of bed and headed down the street for an up close look at the balloon. The nice lady pilot started giving mini rides to the kids in their pajamas. Two of my boys eagerly climbed in, freezing and barefoot! My oldest son is scared of heights and ran straight back to the house.

I guess that was the end of the hot air balloon trip.
We watched as they packed it all up, they even let the neighbors participate.

I had to catch a picture of the basket.  Pretty cool. 

My three year old loved the "fire."

All the boys are watching the flag folding.

I don't know if they are usually this friendly to the neighbors when they drop in like this?
  Maybe they thought they should butter up the people whose homes they almost took out! 
It was an exciting morning!
Hope you having a great weekend! :)


Lorie said...

That is crazy! I am glad that nothing was damaged and everyone was okay. And how cool!!! The balloon is gorgeous!!

Jen@Notes From the Heartland said...

Wow! Now that is something to see on your street in the morning!

Jill said...

How fun for your boys! I love seeing Hot Air Balloons, just think they are a beautiful sight!

boosted98mitsu said...

I have had the pleasure of knowing a family that ran a hot air balloon business and have been up MANY times! Yes, you go where the wind blows and are at it's mercy....So if you think that you will be carried where there is no where safe to land you do it as soon as you can. Wherever that may be...there were times that we were about to land and one of the crew would run up to a farm and ask for permission to land there. Most of the time it was on Amish farmland that they asked permission. Riding in a Hot Air Balloon is one of the most peaceful and beautiful experiences I've had. Highly recommend it!!

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