Friday, May 8, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Door Decorations 2015

Hooray for Teacher Appreciation Week!
We got some really fun doors this year I just had to share with you!
This is our last year in Elementary school~I'm a bit tearful about it, so I took on doing 4 doors to decorate this year!  I know, I'm totally crazy, but I totally love it!
First up is my Ode to Yoda~for our Librarian Mrs. Mortensen.  I just love her!
I always try to personalize my daughter's teacher's door and since they have been learning all about U.S. History and the Constitution, this seemed fitting with Mrs. Webster as the Statue of Liberty.  She's done an AMAZING job teaching our kids about National pride.  We adore her!
This door is for our wonderful Principle Mrs. Gourley.  She has watched over my kiddo from Kindergarten and I'll be forever grateful.  I got my ideas for this door from a couple of differenct chalkboard artists I found on Pinterest totally from 2 amazing shops~make sure to go check them out Chalkboardhouse and Lily & Val!  Very cool stuff!
This door is for our School Safety Officer Mrs. Christianson~she does so much for our school and keeps our kids safe! 

Here are some more of the doors~there were some really great ones this year!
Check out the cute martian!  Look familiar to something I did a few years ago?
I got such a kick out of seeing this!  This is exactly why I post pictures of these doors each year, hopefully to inspire and help others out with what sometimes seems like an overwhelming task.  This made my heart just happy!
My husband asked me how much time I put into my doors and it's several hours honestly.  I am not an over achiever, I am not a mom that has too much time on my hands, I'm a mom who is honestly so grateful for these amazing teachers and people that have such an impact on our kids.  I wish I had a hidden camera to capture the look on these teacher's faces when they see their doors, or even more so when their door isn't decorated.  It's like a kid on Christmas morning.  So if a few hours of my life is given so that they know they are loved....well, that's hardly anything compared to what they give to us.  Now, let me step down off my soap box...:)

Have a great weekend friends!

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