Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bunny Treat Cans

Tonight, very last moment of course, my daughter and I did a fun craft together!
These fun Bunny and Critter Cans will not only be a little treat but also a place setting of sorts
for our Easter Lunch tomorrow with Grandma and Grandpa.

We did some earlier this month with my little church girls and they were so fun and easy
that we decided we needed to make some other little "friends" too!

The little pattern came from a book my Sunday school teaching partner had from 30+ years ago
so I'm not sure of the source.  Pieces are cut from felt and then adhered to little
tomato sauce cans with just a glue gun.
The possibilities are endless here with pom poms, feathers and googly eyes.
We made 2 bunnies, a lamb, a duck and a blue bird.
Quite Springy and they hold just enough treats to make anyone happy!
I'm making my favorite Carrot Cake tonight called 
Sam's Favorite Carrot Cake from
It sure is yummy!  Also a huge thanks to Pillsbury for featuring our Jelly Bean Topiaries!  They have some really cute ideas for jelly bean uses!  Go check it out!

We hope you have a very Happy Easter!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pink Lemonade Cookies

Normally I'm not the biggest fan of boxed cookie mix or frosting
but Pillsbury Pink Lemonade Cookie Mix and Frosting has made me a convert.
                     Pink Lemonade Cookie Mix<strong>Creamy SupremeĀ®</strong> Pink Lemonade Frosting
At church on Sunday my good friend Diane brought these tasty treats to all the little kids~good thing I was substitute teaching and was at the right place at the right time to happily sample these treats.
They were so yummy I immediately texted her after church begging for her recipe.
Her reply:  "I was afraid this would happen. LOL.  It is a box mix from Target.  It is back in the Easter section.  It is called pink lemonade.  The frosting is right by it.  LOL. Good stuff."

Yes, I did laugh out loud at that one.
First thing Monday morning I was in Target snatching up the remaining 2 boxes and 1 box of frosting.
Come on Pillsbury, how can you hook me and then say I only get it this time of year?  They are so easy to make and a perfect treat to make with your kids.  There is another sinfully delicious recipe for pink lemonade cream cheese bars on the box that my daughter and I will just have to try tomorrow when the cookies are all gone.  And yes, diets don't count during spring break.

Here though is my brilliant tip~I wish I could claim it as my own but I picked it up from another amazing friend at a "favorite things" party~have you heard of them or gone to one?  (SO FUN!)

Instead of trying to get cling wrap to stick to a plate of cookies and how irritating it is to get at them once they are wrapped up and clung into place...try using a shower cap.  Yes, I said shower cap.  You can grab them, 3 in a bag for a $1 at the Dollar Store.  I'm a believer now!
Happy Wednesday friends!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Reader's Digest Easter Link

So I have no idea where the last two weeks went!  We are both grateful that this week is Spring Break
for our kids which means cleaning, cleaning, more cleaning and a few fun activities in between.;)
We have some fun Easter crafts to do with the kids but until then we thought you'd enjoy this cute Easter Crafts slide show that Reader's Digest (thank you!) was kind enough to feature our Jelly Bean Topiaries in.
Head over to Reader's Digest and check them out HERE~

Meanwhile, if you haven't tried The Pioneer Woman's Sweet Roll Recipe~then you should.  I fell off the diet wagon a couple of weeks ago when I made her Orange Marmalade Rolls.  Today to kick off Spring Break my daughter and I made up a batch of her Blueberry Lemon  Sweet Rolls.  One word~DIVINE!
They really are quite tasty and easy to make!  Now back to cleaning.....

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bunny Silhouette Pattern

It's been a crazy week for both of us Crafty Sisters~
Candace is busy prepping for teaching a class on Church Nursery ideas
while I've been busy filling Easter orders and putting together my daughter's school yearbook.
I have a whole new appreciation for all the amazing volunteers at schools, PTO's and PTA's!
We've had several email requests for a "pattern" for the cute bunny silhouettes we used last week with Wood You Like To Craft.
So with my low tech computer graphic skills....this is as good as it gets.:)  Yup, a scanned pencil tracing of my patterns.  I know, I need to take a class or something.
You can size the bunnies to any size you like but ours were just about 8" at the tallest and almost 4" wide.
If you don't want to tackle cutting the bunnies yourself, I cut a few sets extra out and listed them in my shop on Etsy.
                          Sweet Pickle Designs
Candace will have some cute ideas to share in the next few days from her class~she gets so nervous about teaching but she's a natural with gathering and sharing ideas.
Now for me, back to organizing year book photos......

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Easter Theme WYLTC

It's time for Wood You Like To Craft!
This month's theme is A Christ Centered Easter.
Krystal started us all off with her adorable 12 Days of Easter Advent Calendar

It turned out so great!
Come on over and see how we put together our version of an Easter Countdown....and yes, it involves bunnies!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Jelly Bean Tree

I'm not sure which we get more excited for~Easter candy~eating or decorating with it!
How could we resist to play with Lifesaver's Easter Jelly Beans again,
this time we made a Jelly Bean Tree!
Remember our fun Jelly Bean Topiaries we did a few years ago?
We were so happy with the fun colors that we knew we needed something
a little bit bigger to display them on.....
Every Spring we end of doing a lot of pruning in both our yards, but in mine I have the most beautiful Apple tree branches that were perfect for this project.
After stabilizing your branches into a vase or pot of your choice
all you have do is get out your glue gun and start gluing those little guys on.
Try to refrain from eating them up as you go!
My daughter was very unhappy that there weren't enough pink ones for her to
gobble up....I'm thinking there are some missing on my tree.....
You're going to end up with a ton of glue strings.
Don't you just hate those suckers!
Best tip I learned this year was from Craft Wars~
they recommended using a hot hair dryer to melt them into oblivion.
Ya know what?
It totally works~AWESOME!
We had to make another one just to show the difference in pots.
I'm down at the farm feed store all the time getting stuff for my ducks
and this metal pail seemed to be a perfect fit.
Stay tuned this week for our Easter themed Wood You Like To Craft!
There's guaranteed to be some fun stuff!
Happy Sunday Friends!

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