Thursday, September 2, 2010

Let The Halloween Crafting Begin!

To me there is no better Holiday than
I thought for sure my little girl was going to come Halloween night
but she decided to come 3 days later,
hence....the pregnant belly dancer costume.....
(yup that's my real full of baby belly)
which I was sewing Halloween night
for my hubby's work party the next day.
I like to think I have a good sense of humor!;)
We love Halloween at our house,
well, my daughter and I do
and my hubby just tolerates our silliness
(aka the Hulk Hogan Costume).

Well in between the squirrel feedings
and my world of slow motion due to the lack of sleep
I have been doing some "crafting".
I've been busy working on my class samples for this month
and was just loving putting them together!
So here's my BOO
and here's my BEWARE
I absolutely love love love fun and different fonts.
The huge reason I got into cutting out letters was that
everywhere Candace and I looked,
everything looked the same.
And by now if you know us
you've figured out we like to
put our own twist on things!

So this week I've been working on
patterns for our boutique creations
and Candace has got the headboard all finished
plus another great project almost done for her son's room.
Since I'm the aunt I can say this...
Good thing he's so cute and I love him!
Hopefully tomorrow we'll get it moved upstairs
so ya'll can see!


Ali @ Honey and Maple Syrup said...

Those are so cute! I especially love the 'Boo' =)

Grunged, Glittered n' Branded said...

Those are AWESOME! We think alike! You should check out my Trick or Treat blocks!

Halloween is MY FAVORITE holiday!!!!!!!!

Debra Lea said...

nice costume! :0) I love the signs, they look really great!

Mel said...

this is Brian's cousin, Mel. I am a huge blogstalker of crafty sisters! lol! please put up some halloween crafts! :) And hello to candace!! I love this blog!!

Jill said...

Really want to buy some lettering from you! I especially need Fall or Halloween lettering! Where can I buy them? Do you ship?

Sandy Ang said...

Just fantastic !

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