Wednesday, November 20, 2013

For The Birds Birthday Party

My little girl turned 10 a few weeks ago and we had such a fun little party for her.
She is growing up fast and wanted nothing super cutesy so I stuck her on Pinterest and told her to pin her favorite things she found.

The result was an Owl/bird themed party.
We took bits and pieces of all the things she found that she liked and put them all together.
We were inspired by these cute invitations from Olive and Star found here.
The invitations were made from Vellum and paper found at Hobby Lobby.
I found these cute little owl and party hat stickers from Stickabilities.
Yes, they were super cutesy, but hey sometimes I can't help it!
After finding the stickers it was easy to pick out cute matching paper.
The party hat stickers just made everything soooo cute!

We even had to put them on the outside envelope.
And...we had to make cupcake toppers with them too!  These are so easy, I stuck them onto white card stock first because they are translucent.  Then I cut out around them and then cut out a larger outline of them on the coordinating chevron paper.  Using my glue gun I glued lollipop sticks onto the chevron and then glued the little owls on top of the lollipop stick.  Easy and matched everything perfect!
We had to make goodie bags too!
We couldn't decide between our two favorites so we morphed them into one.
Inspirations came from here at Kerry's Paper Crafts and the other is a source unknown.
We found some easy to make Thank You Twwwwweeeeats to make for our guests,
found here from Hello, Good Gravy!
At first we didn't think we would have time to play games and then I double checked the time that the bird flight show started and realized I had some extra time on my hands I hadn't planned for since they changed the time from last year.  Yes, you'd think I would have checked that out "before" making the invitations....

We found a Candy Themed Punch game over at Mom Filter found here.
So at the last moment I found a big card board box and put this together the night before around midnight.
Did I mention I am a procrastinator?
My lighting wasn't very good that morning but it turned out great!
My daughter helped me put all the prizes together that I picked up at a local party store.
Most popular were the hillbilly fake teeth from Walmart and the party poppers.  I should have gotten way more of those!
The kids had to answer "bird" related questions, ranging from "what kind of bird do most Americans eat at Thanksgiving" to "What is our National Bird"?  It was a total blast and totally worth making!
I'm not a fancy table setter but we did have some fun with the goodies for the kids!
We had all sorts of stuff that birds would eat and funny descriptions to go along with them.
I found some mini Idaho Spud Bar bites that reminded me of Owl Pellets.  Needless to say they weren't really touched.  I guess they looked too realistic.  Too bad, more for me.:)     
My daughter wanted blue frosting to match all things blue with the party.
We made white cupcakes and filled them with vanilla pudding colored with yellow food coloring.
We thought it was fun to bite into one and have it mimic an egg.:)
We used The Idea Room's whipping cream frosting which is soooo yummy found here.
The stuff melts easily so be careful piping it in.  My hands heated up the bag and we almost had a cupcake failure on our hands.  Thanks goodness for cold refrigerators!
Finally we finished our day out at the Idaho Center for Birds of Prey.
In October and the first part of November they bring out about 5 of their birds and do outdoor flight shows for the public.
It's not only fascinating but so much fun!
They have an outside theater for visitors to be seated in and the birds fly right over your head.
This is Trish Nixon, a Raptor Specialist at the World Center.  She's A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!  
She is holding Wally our favorite bird, a Eurasian Eagle Owl.

After the crazy day we returned home to this.
Yes, this is what happens when boys are invited to the party.
She looks like a zombie in there....
I can't believe that's it's been 10 years already with this sweet girl.  She was so worth the wait!


steph said...

uummmm...would you please come and put on a party for my daughter? are you free the first week in february?!! i'm always amazed at your it!

steph said...

uummmm...would you please come and put on a party for my daughter? are you free the first week in february?!! i'm always amazed at your it!

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