Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lego Shelves

My sons are Lego fanatics.

Our house runneth over with Legos.  Legos are all they ask for at Christmas, birthdays, and when they want to spend money earned from jobs.  With four boys, that equals a lot of Legos. In order to prevent all of their creations from ending up like this.....

We built shelves away from little hands.  I look at this bucket and think of the hundreds of dollars sitting in a bucket from my first son.  It's all good though, because this is where they come up with their own creations. Which is the beauty of Legos!

We love this "City Lego" line too much to see it end up in pieces. The boys love pulling all of the sets down and playing with them. Hours and hours of fun!  So, with the help of my second Lego loving son, we put together simple shelves over this past Christmas break to give the Legos a home.  

We used inexpensive black shelf brackets from Home Depot and (1x8) pine boards.  We love the deep boards, they work well to hold the large Lego sets. My son helped me stain each board with a grey stain from Minwax. We put the brackets up and secured each board with screws.  Super easy! 

My sons love the shelves.  They are the official designated spot in the house to proudly display (& protect) all Legos....spoiled boys I tell you! How about you?  Do you have any great Lego storage ideas? 

We found this clever idea of how to store and organize Lego directions at meredithanderic.blogspot.com. I put my son to work on that project too!

Nicole and I are getting together tomorrow to work on a few Spring projects.  We are so ready for Spring!

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