Monday, October 22, 2012

eyeball gumball necklace

This week we are getting ready for school Halloween parties.  
We have a couple of Halloween ideas to share with you, hopefully each day...but don't hold us to it.  Our children, laundry and husbands beckon us... 

First up, an eyeball gumball necklace made from a store bought candy necklace.  
Kinda gross, but the boys love it!

I picked up a really cute gumball necklace at our local Holiday House Boutique.  The necklace is made by Emily, she will be selling more at the next boutique on November  9-10th & November 16th-17th.  I love it and had to ask her how she makes them.  She uses a dremel bit to drill holes through the gumballs and then weaves ribbon to create the necklace.  

Sadly, it doesn't quite work for my boys....

I stumbled upon some gruesome candy eyeballs at TJ Maxx, I thought they were funny enough to buy and I knew my boys would get a kick out of them.

Yeah...they are pretty gross and bloody.  I could have done without the blood, I like happy and cute Halloween.

To "cuten up" the gross eyeballs,  we added them to store bought candy necklaces.  

Next, we drilled through the eyeballs.  
(Clean the drill bit and either use a dremel or a controlled speed drill.  Watch your fingers!
Hold the gumball with a good set of pliers and to avoid scuffs, use a soft towel between the pliers and the gumball.  Drill on a cutting board or a piece of wood to protect your work surface.)

The candy necklace elastic was a little too short for us to work with, so we cut a longer piece of new elastic thread. We used a needle and it was much easier to string the candy.  Bead the candy and gum balls on and finish with a tight knot. Super easy!

They are a hit with the boys and will be so funny to hand out to their friends!
If you are looking for gumball eyeballs, we found some over at Oriental Trading Co.
Another option is to use edible cake/cookie decorating markers and make your own eyeballs on white gumballs.

We have a several more easy Halloween ideas to share, so come back soon!

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