Thursday, April 12, 2012

wood you like to craft

Just in case you guys missed our post over at Wood You Like To Craft
we thought we'd re-post it here.
Make sure to head over and see all the fun ideas for this month's theme
"April Showers".
Maybe it's the fact that I watched a couple of episodes of
Hoarders and Animal Hoarders over Spring Break,
whichever the reason Candace and I are both
in full Spring cleaning mode this week.
I mean serious gutting of our houses, bags of stuff to be hauled
away and an actual resemblance of a home remaining.
So until the crafts start coming again.....Enjoy!

Today we are getting a bit sentimental
with this month's theme.
When Wendy showed us her super cute Umbrella idea
the only thing that came to mind was the beautiful quilt block
from our childhood.
So while Candace has been so busy finishing up her Master Bedroom reveal
I of course couldn't pass up a fun opportunity to work with wood
Our Grandmother made everyone a quilt when they were married 
and the one she gave our parents we called
"The Pink Lady Blankey".
I snuck some pictures this weekend of the quilt while our parents
have been out of town.
We loved this blanket~I mean what little girl wouldn't?
All the pretty fabric's used on the dresses, bows and parasols!
Against my mother's wishes I snuck it away with me to college
where I'm sure it got most of it's damage.
I've always wanted to recreate it and I have great plans to this summer,
but until then I thought this would be a fun way to do it.
This can of course be done with any favorite quilting block pattern.
I traced a pattern as best I could and sketched the rest out on paper.
Then I made a copy so I still had the original to go off of.
Using a glue stick you can glue it right to your wood.
It makes it really easy to cut out instead of tracing each individual piece.
Plus the paper just peels off when you are done or can
be easily sanded away.
I used 1/8" MDF to cut it out of.
I cut a plaque out of 3/4" MDF that was approximately 18" in size.
After you cut them out, lightly sand.
It's like putting together a puzzle~my daughter loved it!
I gave everything a quick coat of white paint
and then Modge Podged some cute papers on.
Then you just glue the wood pieces onto the plaque and it's ready to hang!
I'm going to make 2 more to hang up in my daughter's room.
Pretty simple and pretty fun!
Thanks for great inspiration Wendy!

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Marisa said...

That is really a cute idea and I love the blanket too!!

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