Thursday, November 10, 2011

Simple Plant Stand

I'm back again....I think I'm setting a record for daily posts here at Crafty Sisters! I am making a lot of progress. I should set more deadlines like this for myself and tell everyone about it. 
Just think of all the things I would get done! :) 
 Autumn drew up in the design plans, a tall and skinny plant stand for the corner of my bedroom.  I have been looking around for months and have had no luck finding the right fit.  They were either too short, or too busy. So, I decided to build a stand myself, and save some money too!
I used a 10 inch piece of mdf for the top, mitered chair moulding to wrap the edges, 2x2's for the legs, and 1x2's to brace the legs at the bottom. The shelf is about 40 inches tall. I added the chair railing just like we did for the Ballard Shelves. I still love those shelves, they were the first project we made here at Crafty Sisters.

I attached the legs with long screws and added Gorilla Wood Glue. Next, I glued and nailed the chair moulding onto the top. I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do with the bottom, so I added 1x2's. Finished it off with a little...okay...A LOT of wood filler and paint. Did you see those holes!?  
.  I topped it with a Jade plant and pretty pot, and there you go!  A very easy, not so fancy, plant stand.
I hope I keep it alive...I don't have the best history with live plants! :)


Karen said...

So cute! I love that it tucks right into a corner. It looks great!

Suzie said...


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