Monday, June 27, 2011

Cheap Water Thrills....

Are you looking for some quick and easy
projects to keep the kids busy and cool this summer?
This one is a must do!
We knew when we saw this fun sprinkler project by Kelly over at Here Comes The Sun....
we had to do it.
For her full tutorial and supply list head over and check it out!

We made a few small adjustments to fit our needs.
First off we used 1" pipe. 
The price difference was just a few cents but it makes it a little stronger.
We also drilled holes instead of using misters.  In this case, the boys thought "more" was better.

We also glued everything  (like Kelly) and
it was a fun learning experience for Candace's boys
who were more than eager to help.
We have so many fun memories of putting sprinklers together with our Dad,
 the smell of the glue was a sweet reminder.
Who knew this would be a quick lesson in plumbing 101?
The glue and primer come together in a cute little kit!
The boys love Legos, so putting this together was fun!
Everyone wanted to help even the baby.....who thought it was fun to hide some of the parts....
We found them in the back hatch of his Fisher Price tricycle, along with the missing bag of grapes.
We drilled holes every 2"
along the top and then drilled 4 holes down each side.
Another great tip was to make sure to use a metal hose adapter. 
If you are connecting and disconnecting the hose multiple times, it will strip out the plastic PVC,
so the metal adapter insures a longer life span. (The Home Depot guy easily convinced us!:))
Of course we needed some color so the kids spray painted their sprinklers!
After drying for about an hour they were ready and so were the kids!
They had a blast running and riding their bikes through.
I think the adults had just about as much fun watching them!
It was hilarious!
We figured we made each sprinkler for about $11.
Yup, not bad?
We have been scrambling for ideas to keep our kids busy. 
 Come take a peek this week to see what we have been up to!


Krystal said...

you are the coolest moms ever! My kids would love that! I'm off to show my hubby and give him an assignment. ;)

Anonymous said...

This is very cool!!

~ Regan said...

This is terrific! I'm going to have to do this, my little one (and our dog) would have a blast! :)

Indiri Wood said...

This is a great idea!

Kelly @ Here Comes the Sun said...

Thanks so much for featuring my project! Following your blog now!

Lisa H. (Sewing or Something) said...

do you have to glue it?

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