Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Spray Tye Dye Towels

Who doesn't love tye dye?
We have kids that love to swim during the summer heat,
so of course we can never have enough beach towels!
 We thought we'd put the kids to work this time
and let them have some fun too!
We picked up some inexpensive white bath towels
and used some masking tape to create their names and desired designs.
The neighbor kids saw what we were up to and wanted to join in
so we were scrambling to find any white t-shirts in the house!
We mixed up the dyes and put them into spray bottles we picked up at Walmart.
Then we let the kids just spray away!
It was sooooo much fun!
We were surprised that the boys gave in and used Hot Pink!
It definitely showed up the best!
We hung them up to dry on the fence because they were so drenched....there was no way they were comin' in the house!
The masking tape really did the trick and kept the white white!
My hands....were these colors for about 3 days.....
My nails are still hot pink around the edges.  No, it's not a cool new manicure. :)
We are going to set the color by adding vinegar to the wash.  Haven't done that yet....
How do you set tye dye? We used TULIP brand kits found at Walmart.  Any setting tips sent our way would be greatly appreciated, we would hate to wash away their beautiful :) artwork.
Results were grins from ear to ear,
happy kids, happy moms, and there will surely be
no confusion over the owner of each towel. :)


Lyndsey said...

What a fun idea!! I bet they had a blast making those!!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy oh boy oh boy... would this be messy and FUN!


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