Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Table Lamps

Yesterday we took a girls only trip to TJ Max. Me, Nicole, and Autumn...okay and my little guy that doesn't like to be left behind.  Autumn was visiting Nicole's family for the weekend and kindly helped me solve a lamp dilemma in the master bedroom.  She had originally picked glass cylinder lamps from JC Penney and they are no longer in stock.  I found several similar lamps online, like the picture below, but the price tag was a bit too hefty to explain to my husband.

Autumn quickly found these glass lamps at TJ Max to substitute for the others.  I love them! The price was perfect, 49.99 for a nice lamp is not too bad. This is one of my biggest investments for the room, and they will be perfect. Thanks Autumn! :) I never realized how important lamps are to a room.  As our mom puts it...."lamps are the jewelry for the room."

They are very fragile, I had to strap them in with a seat belt to get them safely home...pray for me that my boys won't break them! 

Here's a sneak peek of a pillow that Autumn designed and I am putting together.  I just finished off the trim with Liquid Stitch...I think it's my new favorite product...who needs a sewing machine? 

I will have the rest of the pillows and bedskirt up in the next couple of days
....they needed a little fixin' by mom.  Thanks for sticking by, I had a nasty computer virus again on our computer that kept me from posting, and Nicole has been working hard on the dressers and they are turning out amazing! I owe her BIG time! Stay tuned! :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Paint Choices

The master bedroom is starting to come together.  Nicole and I painted until 1 a.m. the other night, she trimmed in the paint and I rolled.  I'm pretty lucky to have such a nice sister that will help me paint.
My husband took most of my sons camping and we took advantage of guilt free project time. :)
 We started with the ceiling, painting it Sandy Brown by Benjamin Moore.
Benjamin Moore- Sandy Brown

Autumn gave me two choices for the wall color.
  Wythe Blue or Salisbury Green.
  I went ahead with Wythe Blue after showing (or torturing) everyone that came to visit my house with the paint colors.  Wythe Blue was the winning choice. 

Benjamin Moore "Salisbury Green"

Benjamin Moore "Wythe Blue"

Autumn pulled all of the paint colors out of the bedskirt fabric. 
The entire room is based around this fabric. 

Here's a before shot of my builder beige bedroom.

Here it is finished with Wythe Blue and Sandy Brown. What do you think?

It's a dramatic change for me, I think every room in my home is either light beige or dark beige. 
I am so excited to see this room come together!
We are finishing up the bedskirt, the side tables, and moving on to the headboard.
Notice I included "we" .....my sister is way too nice!

What do you do when you have time to yourself?

Pedicure? Shopping?
is it guilt free project time!?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bedskirt ~ Sneak Peek!

The bedskirt for my master bedroom is almost done!  I can proudly say that I sewed the entire thing myself with a ton of direction from Mom! All that's left is to attach the skirt to the fabric that goes underneath the mattress.  Last night Mom gave me lesson 101 on how to correctly press a box pleat in a bedskirt. I had it all wrong. (he,he) I'm excited to show you how we made this...I promise...it really isn't that hard! :) 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

WYLTC? Top Of The Pile!

A huge thank you to everyone that joined in the fun
 with this month's Wood You Like To Craft? craft!
We love seeing your creative minds at work, what fabulous projects!
Seriously, we are impressed!
What's great was seeing that they weren't all built new! There was some great
refurbishing going on and you all know how we love to fix things up!
Check out the great projects below!
Sarah from The Bird's Papaya refurbished a secondhand hinged box into this.
Looks like it would look sweet in my Home!!!
Lindsay from Southern Lovely fixed up a little brown box that she bought for 3 dollars. 
We love the fun rail and especially that color!
 Jana from The Raddon's Blog used scrap wood in her garage to build this beauty. 
She embellished it with a a wooden flower
found at Lowe's and then painted it a pretty bright green.
Susan from Homeroad used a wood caddy she found at Goodwill and turned it into
a fabulous herb planter for her Mom for Mother's Day. 
Maybe I can email this to my hubby a couple thousand times to
give him the hint of what I want for next year!
Lanell from Hoot-n-Nanny made this beautiful bathroom caddy. 
She mod podged paper and added a handle for decoration. 
Love this, love the paper, love the handle!
The Allen Family made these two cute little box planters.
What's even more amazing is she did it with a brand new baby!
We love the peek holes to see the vase inside!
Delle from  Yearning To Create took a tool caddy she bought from a yard sale
and turned it into this wonderful pencil holder. 
The fabric rosettes are really cute on the box. 
Way to put a feminine touch on a tool caddy!

Crazy Little Thing Called Love made this fabulous red toolbox using cedar fencing. 
 We love that she added tea lights to her mason jars, so pretty on her table!

Felicia from Stare If You Must was familiar with the "Boy Scout Toolbox"  after being a boy scout leader.  She whipped out two of these for her kids to use as art caddies. 
She even let her kids go to town decorating. 
Our favorite part...the built in glue stick holder. 
Way to go!
Felicia, you had us at the picture of the kids going to town painting!
We loved how these turned out!
You are officially our "Top Pick"!
wood you like to craft?
This month's prize is a
$10 Gift Card from Lowes.
Felicia send us your contact info so we can get that prize to you!
Don't forget to pick up a button!

So....are you ready for next month????
Wendy from Craft Goodies is up next with this!
We love this lantern!
What a fun and creative way to use stars!!!
We can't wait to get started on ours!

We think there just might be a twist to next month's project!
We love patriotic crafts, especially since they
were the very first wood crafts we ever made.
You could say we have a "soft spot" for them!
Make sure to stay tuned for details to come!

wood you like to craft?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nicole's Toolbox

Nicole made another fun toolbox/planter last week to join in with Wood You Like To Craft?
We have to make two when we craft or it's no fun. :)

Her toolbox is 3 feet long and made out of cedar. She had a couple of splits in her box and recommends using pine instead. The corners are angled and the handle was made by doubling two slats of cedar.  She finished it with a white wash. 

I think it's pretty fantastic...I might have her make me one too.

Wood You Like To Craft? Linky Party
 is still going until Saturday night if you want to join in!


Friday, May 6, 2011

Link Party ~ Wood You Like To Craft?

Are you ready to show off your tool boxes?
Today is the beginning of the
Wood You Like To Craft Linky Party
right here on Crafty Sisters!
This is also our first official Linky Party
so let's cross our fingers that the Linky even works!;)
If you missed out on all the great projects this week
make sure to scroll down and see the fabulous tool/planter boxes that were made.
Crafty Sisters

The Linky begins today and will run through next Saturday the 14th.
That means you have an entire week to work
on your project and link it up
so everyone can see how talented you are!

wood you like to craft?

So here are the official RULES:
  • This link party is for Wood you like to craft? projects only. Your project can look as similar or different then ours, as long as it was inspired by May's craft.  
  • Please include the Wood you like to craft? button in your post.
  • If you don't have a blog don't worry, just send us a picture and we'll post it for you!
We are so excited to see what you guys do!  We have loved seeing all the different possibilities that can be done, from Krystal's mitered corners and cool rope handles, Wendy's Sonic box inspired art caddy and Melinda's ability to take some scrap molding and make a fantastic kitchen window box!  It's so fun to see how everyone makes it their own!

So come out and join us
for this fun project and our linky! 
Don't forget....top pick takes home a prize!!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Under My Umbrella-Wood You Like To Craft?

Hello!  It's Melinda from over at Under My Umbrella.   I love the amazing Crafty Sisters and I'm happy to be here to share my What Wood You Craft? Project.  I think the first project is beautiful and really I didn't want to change it too much.  My kitchen window was in need of a little spruce up.  Here is what I came up with...

Yay!  Perfect for Mother's Day because it makes me happy.  I love simple projects that everyone can do.  All I did is take some old moulding someone gave me and cut it to fit my window.
I used Gorilla Glue to hold it all together.  The water bottles added the extra pressure as it dried.

Sand your rough edges and then spray paint the box.  I used Krylon's Heirloom White.  I let it dry... which for some reason is really hard for me!  I always want to get to the next step!  After it is dry, if you would like, you can sand it up again for more of an antique look.  I also took my brown ink pad and inked it up.

I added some flavor to my jars by hot gluing some ribbon around the tops and weaving burlap in the spaces. 

There you have it...my version of the the project! Pick a spot in you house that needs a little beauty and put this project there.  It will make you happy!

Hooray Melinda!  Love this!!!  That molding is fantastic!  It's been so fun to see what everyone has done this week!  What great projects!

Make sure to come back tomorrow and be ready to link up your fabulous tool box project!  We can't wait to see what you all do!  Now to figure out how to put on a linky party.....:)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Craft Goodies ~ Wood You Like To Craft?

Hey all you fantastically crafty people out there!
It's Wendy from Craft Goodies here for a little WYLTC? action.
I'm having so much fun with this group-it's become one of my favorite excuses to create something.
I do have to agree with Krystal, this is causing me to push my creative side a bit harder than usual but the results are so satisfying. I feel like I have my own little team of inspirational guru's to play with.

I love this week, it's kind of like opening a new present every day.
While we get a sneak peak of the main project ahead of time, we don't see each others versions until they post during the reveal week.
 It is so fun to see what we've each done with someone else's idea.
My (second) version of Candace and Nicole's toolbox planter looks a bit like this...

...teal might be the color of the week?

I really had a hard time with this.
Not because the design was difficult, but because the more I thought about how to alter the original, the more I realized  I really liked the original!
{The tulips totally put me over the top! My faves!}
 I originally made one really similar to Candace and Nicole's to use as a centerpiece for a church dinner...
it was a big hit!

I opted for a shorter and wider rectangle to accommodate the potted plant I was using, the dowel handle, and a slatted bottom. The wood I used is a 1x6 that I found lost and alone in a field, I loved it immediately. It was beat up, cracked and aged by the sun, in other words perfect for the theme of our dinner.
I had to work the ends a bit as I only had the one piece of wood, kind of like wood "cut and paste".
But I like it! And it now has a permanent place on my front porch.

The second box came about from an after-ball games dinner at Sonic.
 Have you ever really checked out the drink carriers? Total inspiration!

I used a pine 1x6 and 1x12 for the sides, center handle, and dividers,
and 1/4 inch MDF for the bottom piece.
I started by cutting and sanding all the pieces then I nailed and glued the box together. Re-sanded a bit, added a little putty to the corners, sanded again and then got to painting.
I used Val-spar Mediterranean Blue (Lowe's).
Then I beat it up a bit with a flat-head screwdriver and the power sander.
Wiped it clean, applied the stencils, painted in the stencils with Krylon Gloss Black, sanded one last time, then applied a layer of dark walnut stain and a sealer.
WHEW-toolbox done!

I knew I wanted this to be an "Art Toolbox" that my girls could keep in their room so I gave them each a side of the box, designated by the monogram, and filled it up with markers, crayons, paper, pencils and such. They love it!

I obviously LOVE this month's project. So much fun and (clearly) many uses at my house. Just might find myself building a few more...
Candace, Nicole, thanks for a great starting place!
Happy Crafting!

Thanks Wendy!  Both of your boxes are wonderful!  The tool caddy is perfect for toting art supplies, how fun that you were inspired by a Sonic box...love that place too. The second box is rustic perfection!  The pieced look is really neat...we may be hunting down some old barn wood soon!
Be sure to come back tomorrow for the last toolbox inspired project by
Melinda from Under My Umbrella!
The Wood You Like To Craft? Linky starts Friday!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sassy Sanctuary ~ Wood You Like To Craft?

Hey everyone!  This is Krystal, the crazy lady behind Sassy Sanctuary.  I'm so excited to be here today!  I hope you all are having a blast with Wood you like to craft?  I'm lovin it!  (ba da ba ba ba)  It is so much fun to create something each month and to stretch myself.  Everything that I have made is something that I probably wouldn't have done without the push, but I LOVE them.  Some of my favorite projects yet.  I sure hope you'll join in on the fun!

Anyway, I was super excited when Candace and Nicole announced the project for this month.  So many directions it can go!  I love their tool box to bits and knew I couldn't compete, so I went a little different with it and made a planter box.

And I love it!

Its super simply constructed.  Just a box made from 1/2" wood.  I gave it a little more style though by angling the sides (15 degree angles), adding rope handles, and a decorative medallion to the front.

Of course the finish totally makes it.

Did you know that you can go to Home Depot, and for $3 get an 8oz sample made up in any color?  And you can get it in a paint and primer in one.  Who knew?!?

The color is "teal zeal" from Behr.  I just painted it, beat the crap out of it with my sander and a fork.  (yes, you read that correctly, a fork) and then did a top coat of wood stain.  To keep it looking beautiful forever I also did a coat of wipe-on poly once it had dried... but that's optional.

The rope handles are my favorite part.

But the best thing about a piece like this, is it is so versatile.

It looks great on the front step.

I love it on my kitchen table.

But its final home will be as part of my sofa table display.

But that's for another post.  ;)

So that's it.  I'm totally loving my planter box, now go make one too!

Thanks for having me ladies!

Swwweeeeeeet!  Way to go Krystal! What a great spin on the toolbox planter!  We love the angled corners and the wood medallion accent.  The rope handles are the perfect touch, and hey....that color?  I'm seeing some "teal zeal" in my future!  Thanks so much!

Make sure to tune in tomorrow for Wendy from Crafty Goodies version! 
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