Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dressing Up Some Curtains!

I'm working on window treatments for the master bedroom today. To help me save a little money, Autumn came up with a great idea to add trim to inexpensive curtains from IKEA. The long grommet curtains were two for 19.99. I don't have an IKEA close, but luckily Mom and Dad were near one.  Mom also found the six dollar down pillow inserts I was searching for. Great price! I found out that Ikea ships only certain items and these curtains are not one of them. The brown trim is from Home Fabrics, I ended up taking the entire bolt!

I will be carefully gluing with the wonderful fabric glue I used on the pillow with greek trim
  No sewing will make this so much easier!
I'll show you later what else Autumn is having me make out of the IKEA curtains.
 Fun stuff!


Emily said...

That trim is gorgeous. It's going to make the curtains look great.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I buy all my curtains from Ikea. I like the tab curtains because they are easy to take down for washing which is much needed because of all the dust we have. Whatever ya'll do with the curtains and that trim is gonna be fabulous. Best wishes, Tammy

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