Sunday, February 20, 2011

More Flowers By Candlelight

This week Candace and I have been super busy!
I snuck along with my parents on a quick business trip down to Utah
to see a fabulous Art Exhibit by Carl Bloch, a Danish artist
who is known for his amazing religious oil paintings and etchings from the late 1800's.
Our Mother has been a long-time admirer and collector of his work
and I was glad that my daughter and I got to tag along and admire it too!
It was a wonderful getaway but it also meant there wasn't much crafting done this week.
I was a bit giddy putting together some of these fun singed flowers
like the sunflowers we did this fall.
I've been working on a custom set of letters for one of my clients.
She wanted zebra print with touches of purple for her little girl's room.
I was amazed at how many shades of purple there are out there
but nothing was right for what I had in mind, so.....
I just had to make my own!
The lighting doesn't do them justice, they are the perfect shade of deep purple! 
I was so giddy I had to call my sis and share with her how excited I was!
These suckers are addictive and so easy!

This week we have some fun stuff in store!
We are working on something to "celebrate" (hint, hint...)
that we hit over 1000 followers!
Yikes!!!  Can you believe it?
I hope you all know how much your support
motivates us to create and to follow through with all of our projects!
You are the ultimate support group!:)
I believe this calls for a giveaway!!!
So stay tuned this week and see what we do!


autumn said...

yay! you deserve all the success that you have worked so hard for! 1000 followers is proof of your talent.

JC's Loft said...

Awesome, can't wait to see what the giveaway is, so fun!


~ Regan said...

Congrats on 1000 followers! I can remember way back when I first discovered you two and you were still 'newbies'. What can I say? You are both awesome! I'm lucky to have gotten to 'know' you, and I adore your craftiness. Its obvious that many others feel this way, too! :)

Cary M. said...

Congrats!!! I love those Zebra print letters and the purple flowers are to die for.
Wonderful work Ladies!!!
Cary :)

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