Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! 
We truly enjoy this time of year even with all the busy that comes with it and
thoroughly enjoyed spending time with our families.
Of course we still found a little bit of time to craft too!
We loved all the possibilities of what we could do with the

We got some great use out of it!
We were pretty happy that it was so kid friendly so we put the kids to work.
Although we know that all the die-cut machines are pretty glorious, the Cricut has endless projects....there's something about putting your hands on a punch and snipping out pieces that's really fun, plus little hands can join in the fun.  I know in the past we have given a tiny circle punch to our kids and they played for hours punching out colorful circles!
It's a perfect way to use all of those paper scraps you might have!!!

Here's a couple of projects we made using the Snowflake punch:
A snowflake garland that will last you through the winter blues!
  Using paper scraps, we sewed with a sewing machine all of the individual snowflake cut-outs. 
I can't remember for the life of me who started doing this on the blogs, but we love it. 
So easy, your done in a matter of minutes!
Embellish your wrapping! We added dots of glitter glue for fun!
We made a candle luminary.  We backed ours with vellum and loved the effect!
We used the snowflake die-cut to decorate wood crafts. 
We made these a couple of weeks ago while playing around with glitter.
 Adding glitter to the snowflake makes it come alive!
We embellished this package with one snowflake
cut from glitter paper and another we used spray adhesive
and added glass glitter with a rhinestone. 
If you try this, give it a good shake to get the excess glitter off.
Because, we wouldn't want any glitter in these yummy truffles! 
 We'll be back soon to share Mom and Nicole's truffle making. 
They are a great idea for upcoming Valentines!
They were so delicious!

What would you do with a Snowflake Punch?


Andrea (Panda) said...

Ooooh so cute! i love punches!

katie@tulsadetails said...

Love the garland! Super cute!

JC's Loft said...

What creative ideas!!!!!!!!! I would use the punch to make nice little place cards : )


Lyndsey said...

I am obsessed with snowflakes!! These are too cute!!

Peggy said...

Oh My goodness. I too am obsessed with snowflakes! Love Love Love! I am so glad I found you blogg! The IBC root beer was a blast. Wow! great ideas! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely! Absolutely LOVE the snowflake garland!

Heather from WhipperBerry

heather said...

These snowflakes are awesome! I love the garland! I think making a punch out of a snowflake on our christmas card/photo we send out would be super cute! Or a punch out on a gift tag or even the whole top of a gift bag! You've got my brain working now! Thanks for sharing!

Angela said...

I love them all Candace! You are so creative.

felicity & nathaniel said...

Love your blog-- I found it a while ago via a friend's! It's great. I especially love that it's sisters. I adore my sisters, but live to far away to do anything this fun with them! With a snowflake punch, I'd have a punch party with my boys and then stick them all over the windows and house. make it a blizzard inside like it is outside to keep us busy! :)

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