Friday, July 23, 2010

Gotta Have Some Glitter!

Okay if you guys didn't catch Jen's post over at
you'll have to head over for the low down
on one of the funnest summer activities!
My little girl and I have been a bit
obsessed with the fancy glitter polish
ever since we read her great tutorial!
When I came to church my Sunday School class girls couldn't help but notice
my Bling-ed out toes!
I had my little Sunday School Girls over this week
and we got our Glitter Toe groove on!
It was fun, crazy and a bit chaotic
with 12 little girls
(we were actually missing 5!!)
trying to get that glitter on as fast as we could
but the end result was
Thanks Jen for sharing such a great idea!
P.S. Hobby Lobby has a 40% coupon this week
so you can grab a pack of fine glitter for a little over $4!
& it lasts forever!


Unknown said...

What a great gathering for the tween girls.


Debbie said...

I have no clue how I happened here this morning. Just blog hopping with some coffee.

I had to leave a comment because this is so precious! What a wonderful, girly girl time you had with your SS class. They will remember it always, and all it took was your love and time and a little glitter.

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