Friday, August 3, 2012

duct tape flip flops

 In a couple of weeks I get to help 50 tween girls decorate flip flops with duct tape. 
The duct tape flip flop idea is from Skip To My Lou and it is so clever and easy!  
In order to prepare, I made a few.  Yes, I got carried away with the duct tape! The colors in the stores are just so cute and I couldn't resist the duct tape with patterns. My son later joined in on the fun, covering up an old pair of shoes with bright blue duct tape.

Along with the fringe flowers by Skip To My Lou, I thought double bows out of zig zag duct tape would be great on the flip flops.  I found the zig zag roll of duct tape at Wal-Mart. 

To make the double bows, you will need 1 (10 inch) strip, 1 (8 inch) strip, and a tiny piece to hold the bow in place.
Fold over each side to create a seam in the center.  Just make sure there's no sticky showing.  You will end up with one (5 inch) piece, and one (4 inch) piece.  Double them together (seam side down) and pinch in the middle.  Roll the small sticky piece over the pleat to hold in place. Wire and tape them to the flip flops. Be sure to cover any sharp wire edges with tape.
The stores have the prettiest metallic colors of duct tape.  I had to make me a pair! 
I followed Skip To My Lou's tutorial for her flowers, but scalloped the edges of the strip instead of cutting a fringe. I thought about using a decorative punch, but duct tape is so sticky.  Using sharp scissors was easy enough.
The metallic scalloped flowers add a fancy touch to my regular flip flops.

Thanks To Skip To My Lou for the creative duct tape idea! I know the girls will have so much fun decorating their flip flops! Wish me luck as I prep for the day.  I hope I don't end wound up in hundreds of sticky duct tape strips!  Let me know if you have any clever prepping ideas!


Lisa Mende said...

OMG!!!! these are awesome!!!!!! i just pinned them!

Admin said...

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Dawn said...

Wow! These are cute!

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