Friday, August 31, 2012

AS Hanging Systems

We were pretty excited when we were approached by
AS Hanging Systems to work with them on introducing
their Click Rail Art Display System.
AS Hanging Systems
They are an "art hanging" company~in business since 1964, one that provides contemporary design solutions for hanging up paintings, prints, posters and photography~all the products are gallery/museum quality and make it easy to incorporate art into interior design.

I'll admit that I still have boxes of pictures and frames that have still not been hung up on the wall since we moved in 5 1/2 years ago because honestly sometimes the thought of trying to group them just right, measure, measure again, and then put nail holes all over in my wall seems a little overwhelming.  I've been pinning on Pinterest idea after idea for wall set ups and have completely been at a stand still.
The Click Rail Art Display System made easy work of my dilemma
and I'm so pleased with the results!
For years I have gone to gallery after gallery with my Father-in-law, who is quite an art connoisseur, and I have seen these systems in use.  I didn't realize that a normal person like me could have access to these great hanging systems.  They truly give a very sophisticated and elegant look to the artwork displayed.

The system is quite easy and comes with 3 simple steps:
Click Rail System

A basic 12 foot system runs just under $60.
It comes with:
 2 6' sections of wall track,
2 end caps,
4 48" cables
5 mini hooks
and all the triple grip anchors, screws, and connectors you need to install it.

All you'll need is a level, a drill, a hammer, 1/4" drill bit and some pictures to hang!
It was quite easy to put up and it was so easy to adjust the pictures with the little adjustable hooks that connect to the cables, and even better~having them on a continuous cable helped ensure they were straight!
Currently AS Hanging Systems is an online company so you can order easily from the comforts of home and you can customize them with different colors and styles to match your decor.
I am sure pleased with how my family picture wall turned out but even more happy that it's finally done!


Kristen Whitby said...

Love your family pictures Nicole! So adorable!

Cary M. said...

Great family pics!

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