Monday, July 30, 2012

Sweet Bacon Wrapped Chicken

Okay, you're probably wondering when are we going 
to start crafting again?
Well this week my in-laws are in town
and Candace has a house full of sick kids....what's with summer colds?
So with family comes yummy food
and I tried a new recipe last night that I just had to share!

It's was seriously good and easy to make!
I did alter a few things, I partially pre-cooked the bacon.
This helped burn off a lot of the grease
so that when we grilled them they didn't make a huge mess on the grill.
I also salted, peppered and shook a bit of onion & garlic powder
on the chicken before I wrapped them in the bacon.
I was worried that the chili powder would be too hot 
but it isn't, in fact next time I think I might add an extra Tablespoon.

Of course anything Paula Deen makes is wonderful...
remember her yummy
our brother told us about!?!
So much for the weight I lost getting ready for summer!
What good stuff have you guys been cooking?

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