Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Peeking At Wedding Flowers

Aren't they GorGeouS?!!
I just got back from picking these lovelies up.
Tomorrow will be a full day of cranking out bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages.
Oh yeah, did I tell ya I really don't have any experience in putting these together.
And yes, they are real and can die really easily....
and it's summer time in June.
Good thing they are so pretty cuz
my anxiety levels are through the roof.
Candace snuck in with her camera to my all-curtains drawn,
super A/C cooled house to sneak a picture of my latest project.
So how did I get caught up in the middle of this craziness?
For some reason I felt completely confident
after I watched a tutorial on bridal bouquets
a couple of months before Candace got married
by Martha Stewart.
Even I was convinced that with Martha's
great instructions, that I could put together wedding flowers.
My innocent victim was Candace.
We used fake flowers since getting married in Idaho and a reception in Washington
make real ones kinda ridiculous.
I accidentally mentioned this to one of my friends, who then mentioned it to another....
and now here I am.
The wedding is Thursday so tomorrow will be a crazy day.
Stay tuned for some more lovely pictures
and enjoy these sweet ones of my poppies Candace took.
She's really becoming a whiz with her camera
and I'm glad to benefit from her kindness to be my photographer!

Cool!  My favorite and I think gonna be framed for me!

So pretty huh!
How could we not share!:)


Amanda said...

Thanks for sharing those lovely flowers! I'm sure you will do a wonderful job!

~ Regan said...

Good luck! If anyone can do it, it would be you! :)

Please show pics of everything when it's all done, those flowers are sooo pretty!

Suzie said...

Here are pics of the last wedding I helped with---love to get to be a part of a day like this!


Jen@Notes From the Heartland said...

Super duper good luck with the wedding flowers!! They will look fab, I'm most certain....and then you'll become a florist and be "doing" flowers every second of the day for every person you know. ;-) And the poppy photos...gorgeous.

kennady said...

It's a beautiful flowers to watch.credit to the wedding flowers gardener.

Leesa said...

Thanks for sharing those lovely flowers! So wedding flowers is very nice in wedding.

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