Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas and Barn Wood Hunting!

Last week we went on our first barn wood hunting trip. 
We were looking for the perfect wood to re-create another manger for Christmas gifts.

There's nothing like crafting with old weathered wood.
My father in- law was nice enough to let us scoop up some spare boards off his farm. 
We had to carefully avoid the spooky cobwebs, mildew, old paint, and large rusty nails while hunting.
Good thing our tetanus shots are up to date (he,he) and we wore a hardy pair of work gloves!
Here is my mother in- law's original manger along with some of her quilted poinsettias?  Aren't the poinsettias neat? She is an incredible quilter!
We love this simple manger because it's the perfect size to perch up on our fireplace, and it helps remind us of what the Christmas season is all about.

Here's a peek of the five finished mangers ready to go as gifts for family members!
Have you ever collected or made anything with barn wood? 

Nicole and I would like to wish all of you a 
 filled with peace, happiness, family, and friends!!!

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