Monday, July 18, 2011

Wall-to-Wall Curtain Rod ~ Sneak Peek

Here's another sneak peek of progress made in the master bedroom. 
 There certainly are a lot of sneak peeks around here.
Since summer break, the bedroom projects have been put to the side, but I'm getting there! :)
There will be wall-to-wall curtains hung behind the bed and I needed something heavy duty and affordable.
Buying a custom size curtain rod for the room could get really expensive. Mom suggested using conduit pipe found in most hardware stores as the curtain rod .

 So, I used one inch pipe and let's just say... it wasn't easy sawing it in two. We only had a hack saw on hand.  Nicole and I took turns and eventually we got it done.  I knew all those muscles I developed after toting around four babies would come in handy!
Bless Nicole for coming over and helping me, it was definitely a two person job and I needed all the moral support I could get as we anchored the brackets into the studs!

We used a conduit pipe connector to attach the two pipes in the center, and hung the pipe on L brackets mounted into the studs. At each pipe end, we hung metal closet rod holders.  Worked like a charm!
We have a couple different options that we'll share later of how we are actually going to attach the rod to the

 Adding up the cost...

16.00 for two 10 ft. conduit pipes
5.00 for a package of L-Brackets
4.00 for closet rod holders
about 25.00 for a custom fit wall-to-wall curtain rod...not bad!?

Stay tuned for the finished results!


steph said...

hurry up! you're killing me already!!! can't wait to see the final reveal...maybe the kids need to go back to school! :)

gretchen said...

I have a full wall that I would like to hang curtains on in the master bedroom as well...I can't wait to see how this turns out. I might have to borrow your idea!

Annie said...

Any more info on how you hung this and what the end finals look like? I have a wall of windows in my living room I want to try this with!

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