Monday, August 29, 2016

Halloween Flash Back!

With Halloween right around the corner we thought it would be fun to flash back to some of our favorite Halloween crafts we've done.  Above is my all time favorite Witch Shoe Craft!




Last week Beckie over at Infarrantly Creative featured a tutorial we had done for her with our DIY Knock Off Pottery Barn School Utility Boards.  They were such a fun project to do!  Make sure to check out the full tutorial here!  It was such a fun surprise to wake up to on my Instagram feed!pottery barn schoolhouse decor

Beckie asked me why we weren't blogging anymore.  Good question and it has a simple answer. Candace put down her crafting gloves and had a baby.  Best reason ever right!  It's not as fun to craft when your favorite crafting buddy is no longer available.  Life happened, and ya know what, it's okay.  We've both been busy with family, our kids, church, carpooling, sports, you name it -- it's happening.  I'm trying to summon the courage to blog about our recent home renovation on the tightest budget ever.  With a broken foot.  Yup, the thought of recounting it is a little daunting but I think I'll try, hoping I can share what I learned the hard way so it might help someone else.  Which is why we started blogging in the first place.

So, until then....enjoy all the Halloween fun!


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