Thursday, March 3, 2011

Master Bedroom Makeover

 Since we moved in seven years ago, this has been my Master/Nursery.
Over run with cribs, porta-cribs, diaper changing tables, and buckets of baby clothes.
The wall has been smeared with diaper ointment and had been decorated
with baby toys, burp clothes, binkies, and blankies.
Yeah, I cleared it out for photos. ;)
It's time for my hubby and I to reclaim our space,
which hasn't felt like it has ever been ours to begin with.
We are moving the last baby out and into a room of his own,
and we are ready to have a pretty room that we both enjoy being in.

To pull it all together, I have recruited some help. If I'm going to invest in such an important room,
I really want to do it right! Plus, if I have someone to help and motivate me, I'll probably get it done.:)
  Example, my son's room.  Yeah, still working on that one. 
I knew I wanted the best help I could find and there was no question who that was!
Autumn over at Design Dump is FAB-U-LOUS!
Did you know she is Nicole's Sister-In-Law?
 I remember meeting her about 15 years ago when Nicole was newly married. 
She took me over to Autumn's apartment and my jaw dropped! 
This was no ordinary student apartment. 
Well actually it was but Autumn had claimed her space with such style!
She had just finished sewing the most gorgeous velvet curtains 
that hung on her large living room window and was putting the finishing touches in the room. 
It was then that I became her #1 Fan......
(hee hee hee, I couldn't resist!)
Ever since then Nicole would always give me the latest on the current home
Autumn and her husband were building. 
She was so inspiring that when it came time to build our own homes in our family,  
or to choose paint colors or really to do any design style it was Autumn we went to consult with.
  To say the least....I am extremely excited to have her helping me!
We hope you all want to follow along with this mega adventure
 because I have requested that we have lots of fun DIY projects
since I have a limited budget (or should I say no budget).

 First up we'll have a couple of side tables and a headboard to tackle!
If you haven't yet, head over and take a look at her wonderful site!


~ Regan said...

Ok,ok.... I'm so excited now to see what you're going to do. My master is uber boring, and I need some inspiration!!
I can not wait to see what youre going to be doing for the headboard/endtable.
Ill head over to design dump now, thanks for the link!

JC's Loft said...

Oh what fun! That room has great potential so can't wait to see what comes of it, how exciting!


autumn said...

awww shucks. you did it again.
you made me blush.
i am just as excited as you are to see this project come to life!

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