Monday, May 7, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week 2012 is officially here!
Friday was a crazy scramble trying to get
each Teacher and Staff member's door decorated!
It was so fun to see all the great ideas everyone had
but even more so was the great feeling in the air 
of doing something nice for those special Teachers from our school!

This year I only had to do 2 doors,
yes only~that sounds crazy but I was almost disappointed
I didn't have more to do but grateful that I actually got them
done on time with out stressing out too much!:)
This year I went with movie themes
and since my daughter has the same teacher that moved
up grades~I had to incorporate her into the design!
Above is her door~
Who doesn't love a little bit of the Wizard of Oz!
Here's my second door for our fabulous Librarian!
I've been hanging around Candace's little guy
who's obsessed with Toy Story~~it's kinda rubbed off.
I especially loved the cute cupcake ideas which would be super easy to do
and the door that looked like it was graffiti!  Very Cool!
Make sure to bookmark these great ideas for next year!
Plus an extra SPECIAL THANKS to all of you AMAZING TEACHERS
who inspire everyone around you!


Jamiecrafts said...

so so cute! i need to know more. do parents come in and decorate the doors or is it your parent volunteer board members? I love this idea and would like to try it but cant decorate the whole school myself, and do you always have a "theme"

TIA :)

cutecardsbyjamie at yahoo dot com

Unknown said...

Wow, They're great! I seriously love them! We don't decorate doors at my kids' school, but now I kind of wish we did! Great job!

Mrs. Jackson said...

Today Student Council officers and I made the Reeses Pieces and the Out of this world posters for our teachers. Thanks for all the great ideas and pictures!

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