Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Duck, Duck.....

Life is crazy with the school year wrapping up,
lacrosse and baseball games, even being called in for jury duty.
Amidst it all last week my hubby left for work and
quickly returned running into the bathroom with his 
hands cupped around something....

"I almost hit it with my car and I couldn't find any trace
of it's mom or siblings.....can we keep it?"
Which of course was quickly followed by handing it over
to me, kissing me on the cheek and "sorry, I gotta run to work!"
My daughter and I scoured the neighborhood for an hour
and then went periodically driving through
looking for any signs of ducks.
Thank goodness for Google and for our local farm & feed store.
I actually let my daughter stay home with me
while my hubby called every 30 minutes to check on "his" duck.
He was afraid it would imprint on us instead of him.:)

Since we were skipping school we just had to take
it over to Grandma and Grandpa's house.
This is where we found out how fast it could run!
Of course we couldn't let it be lonely,
so the next morning we ran and got a companion
so now.....there are two!
Here they are swimming in my favorite popcorn bowl
~yes it's our ghetto attempt at a pond for them for now.
No worries, I have a date with Walmart for a kiddie pool....

I sometimes wonder how absolutely crazy I must appear to others.
But then I see the little ducklings follow my little girl around the yard
quack quack quacking the whole way,
and I know that sometimes, yes sometimes, crazy is good.:)

Let's cross our fingers that I don't get called in for jury duty tomorrow
so I can post pics of the cute dresser makeover I did for my daughter's room!


Amanda said...

Ohhhh they are so cute!

The Larsen Gang said...

Nicole you are so funny! How lucky your little Avert is. What memories she will have! And Britt's reaction is awesome!

The Larsen Gang said...

Oops stupid phone--i meant avery!

Angela Lee said...

They are sweet! We raised baby squirrels once and released them in our yard. One would always come back to get her peanuts. We named her Lucky. We could go out and call her, and most days she would still come to us. Then one day, she didn't. But they were such a joy to raise.

popplebottom said...

So, you found one... Then found another?? I'm just curious, because I think having a pet duck would feel just like being in a nursery rhyme. I hope they are doing well. Enjoy!

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