Wednesday, February 1, 2012


This week I've been busy making some Valentine letters
and I just had to use some of the cute My Mind's Eye paper
that we used on the Valentine banner.
My pictures don't do the paper justice but they were still fun to do!

I'm missing my crafting partner in crime Candace!
She is doing much better thanks to some
great antibiotics for her bronchitis~she is quickly on the mend.
So I thought I'd share some ideas for my daughter's school Valentine party
that I'm scrambling to put together today!

First off Candace shared with me this great resource for sending out
the party invite and volunteer checklist for the school party.
I don't know about you but as the Room Mom I feel like all the notes get lost in transit
from school to home and then everyone simultaneously volunteers to donate
the bag of M&M's so I'm left with a bunch of phone calls begging them to bring
fruit and veggies.  Jealous aren't ya!

The site is called BringIt! and it will email out a note to everyone
on your list, with a sign up sheet, first come first serve.
It will then send out email reminders before the party so nobody forgets!
Brilliant isn't it!  It's totally free too!
Valentine Chex® Mix (1/2 Recipe)
But what do you guys do for treats?
Above is pictured a white chocolate version of Muddy Buddies
recommended by my daughter's teacher.  Yum right? Here's the link for the yummy recipe courtesy of Betty Crocker!  I'm soooooo making these, party or not~they will be in my belly or more accurately on my fanny, thighs, jowls.....I could go on and on.:)

I know a lot of schools have outlawed sweet treats
and luckily ours just encourages us to be healthy.
I looked on Pinterest which is an evil site for someone on a diet....
and there are so many yummy treats~but are they healthy?
So here's my plea for help~~~Do you have any great ideas to share!
I'm officially desperate and need help!
Leave us a comment and let us know!


Angela Lee said...

I know this is late but I couldn't think of anything original. I usually take cut fruit when I want something healthy. Then I ran across this on Pinterest and remembered you were looking. Unfortunately, it doesn't give the web address, but it doesn't look difficult to duplicate a few of these.

Angela Lee said...

I just found this one too! It's my favorite!

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