Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Next Year's Valentines

I survived Valentine's Day!
Sounds drastic doesn't it,
but that's about how I felt last night
after scrambling to make sure everything was ready for
my daughter's school party and then an hour later I had
my Sunday School girl's Valentine party.
I thought it would be fun to see some of the Valentines that
were homemade, which the Moms all got from Pinterest,
our favorite go-to place for ideas.
First up are the Valentines!
Above is my daughter's last moment scramble idea.
We were in Zurchers party store for a at least an hour
trying to come up with something.
It couldn't be too girly cuz ya know she's got boyfriends.
Clarification Boy Friends.  2 separate words.  Phewww.
Somehow the snakes were okay for girls since
they had red and white Valentine stripes.:)

Here are a couple I loved:
Okay, fortune cookies~LOVE this!
How fun is this arrow made from a Glow stick!

I had to share this yummy recipe too from Kraft!
They are the yummiest creamy sinful Jello Jiggler I've ever had!
I found these cute condiment cups at Walmart
and they were perfect for the individual servings for the party.
Of course we had cupcakes and that yummy Betty Crocker Chex Mix.
Holy smokes that was tasty!
I forgot to grab a picture but I tried something different with punch this year~
Have you seen these at The Container Store or Walmart?
Well I made up my punch in the larger one and used it at both parties.
It holds 2 1/2 gallons and it doesn't leak all over and isn't glass breakable.
I was pretty proud of myself for not dropping $20 on a cheap punch bowl
and only $8 on one of these.
Even better~the kiddos could get there own refills!

I admit I'm bummed it's all over so quickly, but.....
Who's ready for EASTER!!!!:)


Unknown said...

I'm ready for Easter too! Valentine's did go by very fast this year. too quickly.

PS: I'm having a give-away right now so hop on over and enter!


Cary M. said...

Great job on the valentine's!!!

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