Monday, November 7, 2011

Fun Prints and a Bedroom Update

I know it's been a really, really, long time since I have shared any updates on the master bedroom makeover.  I have been working on it slowly, but surely.  Summer with the kids home, an appendectomy that took me out for a couple of months, and I get so easily distracted with crafting. :-)  Life is also busy with four boys! No more excuses, I am determined to finish this room, so I'm giving myself a deadline. Hopefully in one week I will pull this all together. I have a new found respect for the all the people that put together rooms and make it look so good in photos. 

Nicole is permanently tied to her saw, the boutique she is involved starts at the end of this week.  So, while she's busy, I am going to share with you several of the projects we have been working on. I say "we" because Nicole is always so nice to help me out!

For any of you that are new, I had Nicole's sister-in-law Autumn, from Design Dump, design my bedroom on a budget.  Most of the projects are diy to help me save some money. Here's what we have done so far:

an embellished sunburst mirror

a custom tailored bed skirt

ikea curtains with added trim 

wall-to-wall curtain rod made with conduit pipe.

Here is the project for today-
Autumn found these fun prints on Etsy.  They are from Plum Street Prints, and I love them!
They represent the states that my husband and I grew up in. 

  You buy the prints, download, and then print. Simple! I accidentally printed them incorrectly, and Plum Street Prints was nice enough to help me solve the problem.  The key is to print on white card stock or matte paper and use the right printer.  The second time around I used Staples...I think I'm forming an addiction to their printing cheap and easy! I originally printed somewhere else and on the wrong type of paper, so the color was not accurate to what the original was. They quickly helped me solve the problem and even custom colored two prints to match my paint colors. Thanks Plum Street!

The green WA is the original print I purchased and the blue ID is the custom colored.

In the room, I took away the original green, and added in the custom colored WA in with the custom colored ID.  Which one do you like? It is really hard to take a picture in the room with an accurate color.

I will be back tomorrow to share another project, and hopefully every day this week until I finish!
Wish me luck! :)

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