Friday, April 8, 2011

Wooden Easter Bunnies

Yup, more Easter Bunnies!
If you missed our tutorial over at Sassy Sanctuary
we thought we'd share it with you!
We are so excited to join in this month making Krystal's cute Easter craft!
It's so much fun creating with Wood You Like To Craft and we enjoy seeing all the projects!

We "chunkified" Krystal's version using 5 and 9 inch unfinished table legs, instead of candlesticks.
We like our rabbits voluptuous. (hee,hee)
 Then we added large wooden eggs from the craft store. 
We used felt with a little craft paint to make rabbit ears. We cut two pieces of felt for each ear and added wire in the middle using hot glue, so we can bend them as we please. 
 We added a little farm gear to our Mr. and Mrs. Bunny,
complete with vegetables, pots, miniature seed packets, and hats to top them off!  
Our rabbits needed some aprons to hold all of their supplies, so we sewed two aprons made of cotton canvas fabric. We finished the girl bunny apron off with a pink ruffle.
We also added a few pieces of reindeer moss to the hats and pockets.
We found all of the miniature items at Hobby Lobby in their dollhouse section.  
We loved the pearls on Krystal's rabbit so we of course had to add them to our lady rabbit make her a "fancy" farmer. :)
There you go, our farmer rabbits! 
 Thanks Krystal for having us and passing along the great idea!

This weekend my little girl is putting together her very own set.
We can't wait to see what everyone puts together
so make sure you link up those projects!


Lemondrops Simple Stuff said...

Those are adorable!!! You girls are so clever!
I don't even think I will attempt these.

Lyndsey said...

It's ridiculus how cute these are !!! I love there little hats and belts !!!

Anonymous said...

These are spectacularly cutesie bunnies! Her easter bonnet should win her a spot in the easter parade!

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