Friday, July 16, 2010


Well, this was super easy!  I'm not sure who was the first one in blog land to come up with this, but it's brilliant!  Was it Layla?  I only started reading diy blogs last I'm not sure?
Old news for many of you, but it's still a great idea!

At Home Depot they had a "bonus pack" of 2, 6x9 ft. drop cloths for 10.00!  What a steal!
After washing them, they were perfect and soft with the exact color I wanted for my son's room.

They sort of look like PB's room I'm trying to mimic, right?  How do they get everything to look so pristine in their pictures!? I wanted to try the grommets but that's too much work for me right now, and as I read around they sound difficult to put in.

Instead, I picked up a (kind of cheap) rod from Target and the clippy things to hang the fabric. Very easy! I think I may need a few more to make the fabric hang a little better.

I also found a deal on bedding at Target today.  I'll post on that next.  I thought for sure if I "made it myself" I would save tons of money...that's not always true. I have to be careful to add the cost of materials before I plunge into making something!


Tonia Lee Smith said...

Fabulous! I'm going to have to hit up the nearest Lowe's or Home Depot.

~ Regan said...

I didn't know HD had those so cheap!! I got some at Lowes, and I paid about that for a single piece... Gotta love Home Depot!!

This room is really looking great!

Diane said...

Home Depot is going to wonder why the spark in sales on the drop cloths all of a sudden. You should email them a link so you get some credit for the idea.

Connie said...

I love your idea. I want to do this for my front porch to help eliminate the sun in the afternoons. Is your rod 84" or did you buy a bigger one? I like the finish on your rod too! You did a wonderful job. I bought two 9x12 painter cloths to try and make a sofa slipcover. These things are awesome.
Found you blog your vintage sassy.

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

bonus pack for $10.00 ???? I am SO THERE!
easy peasy, but it's all coming together and it's going to look great!

cindy said...

DCD are a standard in my home now. I'm thinking of hanging some on my back screened in porch. Your son's room is looking great!

Katie Olthoff said...

Wow! 2 for $10! That's awesome! And I think I need to stroll through Target. My little guy needs bedding, too.

Lara said...

I found your blog via googling how to whitewash terracotta pots and I love all your creativity! :) I'm wondering if I can find white drop cloths similar to those. Great deal!

Carol said...

I am thrilled to read about this! I have been looking at my bare bedroom windows wondering what to do for curtains. I'm off to Home Depot and Target tomorrow! THANKS!

Tina said...

I'm tellin' ya, I really dig this idea. I'm a fan of those drop cloths. I've used them for so many things, even as a drop cloth :)

Kathy@theshebearofeleven said...

I like this idea and what a bargain.

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Love this idea!

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