Thursday, July 22, 2010

Framed Jersey

Have I put you all to sleep yet with my ongoing projects for my son's room?! I haven't even started on the furniture building yet!  I don't know about you, but the summer heat sucks out any enthusiasm I may have of working in the garage. So, I've been busy working in my a/c on the little projects needed for his room.

I had grand plans for building another shadow box for this Brazil World Cup jersey my son picked out at Target. (They were on clearance! ) I thought I better save my building energy for the furniture.  Instead, I squeezed it into another model home sale frame.  I picked up a number of them that day in the unwanted, pretty much free, section.  I don't think anyone could see past some of the ghastly pictures inside.  I swore that I would find something to use all the frames for!

Going back to the inspiration room, PB used a simple Lacrosse Penny jersey.  My husband lived in Brazil a couple of years and quickly became obsessed with soccer and the World Cup.  His enthusiasm has rubbed off on my boys. So we'll mix up my son's "lacrosse" room with a couple of other sports. He does love to play them all.

Here's the frame before I took the spray paint to it.

I looked up "how to frame a jersey" on the Internet.  I found a couple of good sites.  I like  this one the best.
Although, I really didn't follow it at all.  If you want a more professional look, go and check it out.

I used poster board to insert into the jersey as a form, after tracing and cutting the outline of the shirt.

I took the matte board (picture included) and used spray adhesive to adhere black felt.  Trimming the excess off and smoothing out any wrinkles.
And then after tucking and taping, (so not professional) stuck...or squeezed it into the frame.

My son's happy with it, yep~ he is easy to please! :)


Angela Muniz said...

I'm pretty much your project so wonderful and shirt
I am Brazilian. As his family grew to love our selection, perhaps in 2014 to come to our country honored the "football art" as we call it here.
Will be very welcome indeed my city will be one of host cities.

~ Regan said...

Its perfect!
And no, we are NOT bored with your room makeover! ;) Every new post makes me go, "Ahh... That's what she's doing..." :) It's looking Really Really good! I know what you mean about the heat. I have to say even though it's pretty miserable out, I am not ready for summer to be over yet!

Christi said...

your projects are great! this is a great project.

Luana M. said...

Oh, my God! I am brazilian too...
I loved this shirt because Brazil is spelled with Z. In Portuguese, Brazil is spelled with s (Brasil).


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