Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's Tool Time Tuesday!!!

If I were to be stranded on a deserted island and could only bring one tool, what would I bring?
Well I'd try to convince the powers that be that Carmex is a tool I simply couldn't live without but otherwise... I'd bring my jig saw.
A jig saw you say?
The first real saw I ever got was a jig saw, after my sister got hers and told me how AWESOME it was
I had to have it.
I couldn't live with out my jig saw.  It can do most anything and is really easy to use.  You have a line on your board, you simply follow the line with the easy to see guide,
push the magic button and you're chopping away! 
Replacement blades are only a couple of dollars and easy to change.
It doesn't get any more user friendly than this!
Right now this is my baby.....
My hubby got it at a pawn shop for about $15.
The beauty of the failing housing market is that there are a lot and I mean it, A LOT of great tools for dirt cheap at the pawn shops.
I never thought I'd go into one of them.
They are a little scary, stinky, dark....
but they have great deals, great tools
and my hubby feels pretty important when he scores a good deal for me.:) 
This year we Crafty Sisters want to share with you our love of tools,
 I guess we want to "enable" you so to speak.
Tune in for Tool Time Tuesday...(insert Tim Allen's dog growl here...)
So back to the jigsaw, make sure it's a decent brand.  Black & Decker is fine,
but I've already broken 2 of them.
Make sure it's orbital, which means it can make all sorts of cool curves and twists, it will change your life!  You can do just about anything with it,
including making a silly huge P for your sister for Christmas.......


Julee said...

Love it! Now - how do you use one??? I just got my first SANDER for Christmas! :) Can't wait for it to warm up a bit outside so I can use it.

Nicole@CraftySisters-nc said...

Julee--I had to chuckle when reading your comment! Obviously I'm new to the blogging world and didn't even think to tell anyone how to use it! Thank goodness for editing tools! Who needs heat to craft? Come on over and brave the cold with me and I'll give you a demo any time you want!

autumn said...

if i could only bring one tool with me...it would be a drill/powder screwdriver. but your ploy for the jig saw was pretty convincing!

Miss Mustard Seed said...

Ooo...a woman and her power tools. It's a beautiful thing.

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