Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's Tool Time Tuesday Week #2!

Our spotlighted tool for today's Tool Time Tuesday is....da da dummmmmmm.......
The 1/4 sheet palm Sander!
After seeing last week's comments my sister and I chuckled over our excitement of tools and realized that our first real  "tool investment" was actually our sander!
It is actually the most used tool I own.
I actually got the bigger sander first, the 1/3 sheet size.
It was not friendly.
It didn't get those little corners.
It is soooooo loud!
Yes, it was good for the ugly coffee table from the thrift store
that had awful brown laquer and years of crayon on it....
But my cute little ornaments I love to make,
or the little shelves for my daughters room....
I ended up sanding more of my fingers away than the extra left from my crooked cuts.:)
I actually got my first little sander 3 years ago
at Walmart no less when my sister and I really got into doing or crafts together. 
It was $10 and some weird brand I'd never heard of. 
That was an easy compromise, only a week's worth of Dr. Pepper from McDonalds.
Now they start at about $20 at most stores.  Don't forget to visit those pawn shops!
I've been tempted to get bigger, better sanders, I even got the cute little "mouse" with the velcro sand paper.  But I like to be cost efficient and paying that extra couple bucks for the velcro really gets me....
Somehow I always end up back to this little one.
It's my good friend and helps me hide all my imperfect cuts. 
That'll just be our little secret.....;>)
~Ya know what they say, sand paper and caulking are a wood workers best friend~


2sisters said...

So glad to get some tips on buying a sander. My husband has the Mouse one, but I don't really like it. I want one of these. Thanks for the tips!

Kelly said...

We have an orbital, but this little guy looks great! I like the square shape and it's small size. Thanks for the info!

Julee said...

Love it! I got one for Christmas that has a few different attachments for sanding different areas - this one looks nice and simple though.

Ashlee said...

I have one of those mouse sanders and when I need new sand paper I just buy sheets, use the original velcro piece as a template and then super glue or hot glue the new piece to the velcro piece. Works for me!


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