Thursday, October 22, 2009

Have you ever tried a Router!?

WE are by NO means trained in carpentry...we are SELF-taught! Nicole is pretty good with wood though. In the past few years she has slowly collected wood tools at pawn shops and hardware stores that have come in handy. She's had the router for a couple of years now and is just beginning to learn of the possibilities of what it can do! Today we routered the edge of a new project! Daaa dum dummmmmm.... That was meant for dramatic effect... Yes, I think this might be a hare-brained project but at least the top of it will look good, thanks to the router! Look at what it can do!

Does that look good or what! We ran into a little problem when the bit came loose but after tightening it up it was all fixable! So cool! I have to see if this turns out before I explain or post pictures of what we're up to....Stay Tuned!:)

I was blog searching the other day and found this cute sight where she was hand sewing cute pockets onto an advent calendar. It's another version of the Pottery Barn advent calendar, they sure make some cute ones! This tree was our attempt at copying last year's Pottery Barn Christmas Advent calendar.

Don't look too closely, with limited time and endless dreams we thought, hey why not? The gal from A Feathered Nest made her pockets so beautiful, and her hand stitching was perfect! I wish we had the patience and time to conquer that. Instead we used our favorite on hand adhesive "Tacky Glue". I love that stuff, can't get enough of it! Maybe this blog should be called "1001 Ways to use Tacky Glue"? Just a thought.... For our lack of master stitchery skills we made up with glitter glue! I don't think there's anything finer than a dab of glitter glue...who doesn't need a bit of sparkle in their lives? At least this time we learned our lesson on how tedious it is to manually cut out each little bit so we went down to our local craft store and used the die-cut machine to cut numbers, letters, and snowflakes. The rest Nicole hand-cut and created...or COPIED. From far away it looks pretty good if I do say so myself! Most of all, our kids LOVE LOVE LOVE them! And that's all that matters right? Now if I can just keep their little hands out of the pockets!:)And the best part, we made the whole thing for less than $10...beat that PB!


Anonymous said...

I found you!! It was so much fun to meet you today at Courtney's shower. Love the Blog, keep up the great work.

Since I'm just good at stalking in Blogland and not much else, I'll give you my email and I'll give you the links that I like, k.

Soon - Tami

Anonymous said...

oops! told you I wasn't any good at this stuff - here's my email address

Crafty Sisters said...

Yay Tami!! Good work! You are good, AND you are GREAT at filling your home with the most interesting things! You must submit to blogland your china hutch your husband made out of an old door! So cool! I'll email you and get your list!

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

way to go with the router! I've used one a few times, but they sort of scare me. ;)
luan... thin plywood. A lot of people use it for subfloor when they put down a new floor. I use it for the back of chalk boards, and frames and such.
take care!

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