Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We thought we would give you a little tour of past Halloween Costumes. Nicole dreams up some great ones each year and manages to get her husband involved too! I'm still laughing over him dressing as Norman Bate's mother.
Nicole is awesome at sewing these and at times ropes our mother (excellent seamstress) into helping. She "assisted" with the sleeping beauty outfit. Isn't it beautiful!?

This puppy costume is too cute! Nicole even made a personalized collar! I think she had strands of black fur all over her house for weeks! That black fur is so messy to work with!

This is my first attempt at sewing a costume. My son was obsessed with the Lego Knight series. I can't seem to remember the name of this particular knight.
Nicole put a lot of hours into this beauty. Her hubby even has the face down! What a hunk of burning love!
This one is particularly interesting.....hmmmmmm? Yes..she's a PREGNANT belly dancer!
Norman Bate's mother....I love it!!! So clever! Nicole's husband did not want his identity to be known?!

This is some type of Jedi? Is it Obi-Wan, Luke...don't know? The cape was the best, but I do wish I had a picture of all the costume work underneath. It was a big job, but worth it. I had used my serger for the very first time. It's sooooooo much easier!

This one takes the cake. The fabric was absolutely gorgeous on this one. Mom helped quite a bit on this too! The wig and make-up are great......and no she's not a Geisha, people kept asking that. According to her daughter.... "I'm a China Girl!"

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