Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Two Weeks Late Halloween Fun!

I know, I'm more than 2 weeks late sharing Halloween pictures.
Plus, we Crafty Sisters have basically fallen off the edge of the planet.
I was going through my pictures today and couldn't help but smile looking at my little girl who is not so little anymore.  Stop growing!:)

 She was Winnifred Sanderson from Hocus Pocus this year.
Trying to find a pattern that would work.....impossible.  Trying to find the right colored material......even harder.  I was pleased with the result even after scrapping the gold printing that should have been down the front of the jacket.
We found all of our fabric at JoAnns. The shoes were an absolute lucky find at the thrift store for $4!  Her necklace I put together from bead sets and a brooch from Hobby Lobby that was all on sale 50% off.  The wig was found on ebay for a steal~it's actually Disney's Queen of Hearts wig.

I got such a hoot out of her getting into character.  We had Candace's youngest with us that night since Candace and the rest of her boys were running a room in their local neighborhood haunted house.  They spent the night autopsying aliens while we begged for candy.  We hit my folks neighborhood this year and used their house as home base.  I'm not sure which I enjoyed more, watching the kids dump their stash out on their floor to count it or watching my parents watching them,  It was a sweet night and the most beautiful warm weather!

As for Crafty Sisters......The last few months and even the last year have really been one of personal retrospect.  I turned 40.  Yikes,  That seems like a swear word almost...hee hee.  I celebrated 20 years of marriage to my man, that's even more eye brow raising.  Our families are the most important and when you start to feel like they aren't, it makes you take a step back.  When I have more pictures on my computer of crafts than my makes you take pause.  I've actually taken time in the last few months to craft for myself.  And I haven't taken any pictures of them.  Candace and I and our Sweet Little Mother have all been put back into serving the youth in our church~so we've got lots of fun projects we've been doing and want to share...they just might not have a picture by picture tutorial, but it's the idea that counts right?  We've loved being able to share with you and we've missed you!

We've got a few Christmas ideas to post this week even!  Hooray!
Happy is almost out for Thanksgiving!

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