Monday, May 6, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Door Decorations 2013

I promised you door decor and here it is!
This year my daughter and I decided to do a Harry Potter themed door for her classroom.
Her class of friends have all started reading the first few Harry Potter books
and they have their own version of Harry Potter tag they play at recess, so it seemed fitting.
Her teacher is dressed up as Professor McGonagall casting a "Smartify" spell!
I personally think it's hilarious and so does my kid~so that's all that matters.
Her teacher said it filled up her Happy Well for the day~and that made my day!

I always beg to do the Librarian's door because she is one of my favorites at our school!
I have a thing for paper fringe right now and new it would work great with this Lion!  Yes, the lion has apparently been snacking on a few too many zebras, my daughter scolded me when she got home and saw it.  I guess it was supposed to look more like a Littlest Pet Shop lion....

Here's all the other doors!
I personally loved the scrubbing bubble door for the janitors~so cute!
The ice cream cone is completely 3-D, with Ikea kid plates wrapped in cellophane to mimic candy!
Didn't they turn out cute!?!

We celebrate all week long at our school.  Our PTO and volunteers provide a potluck lunch, each day with a different theme, all week long.  I'm in charge on Wednesday with "Finger Foods"~so all things appetizers.  I thought it would be a fun twist for this year.  We do all sorts of raffles and prizes for the teachers all week long as well as each individual class doing their own list of things.  Tell us, what do you do at your school to celebrate Teacher Appreciation?  


Jen Tucker said...

Those are great! We also do the posters/banners outside of the classrooms.

We celebrated our teachers last week. Our PTA provides 4 days of treats during morning recess in the staff lounge, and then one day we provide a massive lunch. This year we hosted a waffle bar, a huge fruit and veggie table, a chocolate fountain and a coffee & smoothie bar as well as the lunch. The room moms are in charge of what each classroom will do individually.

Melty said...

What are you using to wrap the door? I can only think of the same color of construction paper pieces but they look like one sheet. I don't see any lines. Where do you get that? What is it?

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