Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bunny Silhouette Pattern

It's been a crazy week for both of us Crafty Sisters~
Candace is busy prepping for teaching a class on Church Nursery ideas
while I've been busy filling Easter orders and putting together my daughter's school yearbook.
I have a whole new appreciation for all the amazing volunteers at schools, PTO's and PTA's!
We've had several email requests for a "pattern" for the cute bunny silhouettes we used last week with Wood You Like To Craft.
So with my low tech computer graphic skills....this is as good as it gets.:)  Yup, a scanned pencil tracing of my patterns.  I know, I need to take a class or something.
You can size the bunnies to any size you like but ours were just about 8" at the tallest and almost 4" wide.
If you don't want to tackle cutting the bunnies yourself, I cut a few sets extra out and listed them in my shop on Etsy.
                          Sweet Pickle Designs
Candace will have some cute ideas to share in the next few days from her class~she gets so nervous about teaching but she's a natural with gathering and sharing ideas.
Now for me, back to organizing year book photos......

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