Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Snowy Red & White Christmas Decorations

Hi there! I thought I would share some the Christmas decorations I have been working on for the last couple of weeks.  Two of my boys had adenoid surgery back to back so I have been distracted from posting.  They are now healing and will be soon be breathing free! This year I was going for the snowy Christmas look with pops of red.  I found the flocked wreath at Craft Warehouse, half off, and added a gingham bow.  My black door tends to hide most of my wreaths, so the snowy wreath is perfect.
I picked up a couple of trees at Home Goods and Michaels and added ribbon.   
Gingerbread, both real and fake, are some of my favorites during the Christmas season. 
For the Christmas tree, I added red birds mixed with silver icicles and glittery snowflakes. My boys are not thrilled with "pretty" trees, so I made sure to use a smaller tree to hang all of our fun ornaments. We love pulling out the homemade school ornaments each year, along with a couple of Star Wars and Sponge Bob ornaments. Yeah, Sponge Bob and the Star Wars M&M guys go on the back of the tree.
I filled different sizes of glass balls with powder snow.  Really messy to fill, but I love the look with a few added berries, pine cones, and greens.
To help fill the globes, my son and I made a paper funnel.  Two sets of hands help make this job go fast!
I have never bought a tree skirt, but I broke down after I saw this cute ruffled burlap skirt at Cost Plus.  I love it!

I added more of the powder snow (found at Craft Warehouse) to a candle display.  White candles, cut greens, and berries make it so pretty!
 Every year I can't resist the live wreaths from Costco. They are fairly inexpensive, and it is always fun to be creative with them.
This year I added small red ornaments in varying sizes. I wired some ornaments and used hot glue on the rest.
I added several cut sprigs of glittery greens found at Michaels and a few mini birds.
And that's pretty much it! Hopefully Nicole and I will finish the projects we started. Where did the last month go? Two weeks until Christmas and so much to do.  See you soon!

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