Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wood You Like To Craft Over At Sassy Sanctuary!

Here's our little sneak peek.......
Are you ready for this month's
Wood You Like To Craft Project?
wood you like to craft?
Head over to see our "version" for this month's project
hosted by Krystal over at Sassy Sanctuary

Krystal is hosting the craft group for the month of April
and these are her cute candlestick bunnies she came up with. 
 She used wooden candlesticks, eggs and cut out wood ears.
A fun and elegant twist for a bunny rabbit!
Head over to Sassy Sanctuary to see all the great versions of these bunnies
and make sure to come join in!
You can get all your supplies at a craft/hardware store.
Make sure to link up your great projects
at the Linky party that starts tomorrow
We can't wait to see what you do!!!!
So come craft with us!

On a more personal note~~~
Do any of you feel like you need a vacation
from Spring Break?
I was a slave labor mom this last week.
While my hubby took his lacrosse team out of state for a tournament
my daughter and I worked and worked.
Ya gotta love the intent look on her face!  (=:)momma)
We stripped and repainted the front door.....
(I didn't realize the "french" part was vinyl and the paint doesn't like to stick to it.)
Candace and I did a furniture exchange.....
so I now the owner of a 30 something old desk from our Dad's old office
that needed a little TLC.....
I started prepping for my internal painting, which didn't get done
because the desk took so long.....
Candace restrung 4 large cellular blinds, yup a $5 kit
can save you about $140 in repairman bills.
It was a great week but I'm tired.
I'm really excited about all the painting though!
What did you guys do during your spring break?

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