Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Botanical Prints

I love getting something for free! 
 on her blog when she made a grid frame wall display using the prints.
 I love her blog, I always come away so inspired after leaving it!

I was rearranging my shelves this week and decided to use the prints.  I really haven't figured out what else to put along with them, but I like it so far? :)

I have been holding on to these clearanced PB frames I found 6 YEARS ago!  I have little piles of decorations that I never use because of not knowing how to use them in my home...and FEAR of using them wrong.

I like these frames but the mats were the wrong size.  So...I cut them!


There's probably a much better way to cut mats, but I was being resourceful and used what I had.  In this case, a blade from a box cutter knife.  I tilted it at an angle and it cut like butter! :)

I sized the prints in Picasa to my mat size and printed on white cardstock paper. 


Cheap and easy!
Thanks to Melaine for sharing and making them available for everyone!


Adventures in Dressmaking said...

Nice, I love botanical prints, thanks for pointing me to that site!

~ Regan said...

Yes, I want to have some too! LOve those frames, I have my own decor stashes too! ;) Those are great prints!

Jami said...

Hi Crafty Sisters! I was so thrilled about finding your blog that i featured you in my Friday Linky party this week! Please stop by and say hi, if you can. I have really enjoyed my visits here and look forward to many more!

Lorie said...

They are beautiful too!

Missy said...

What a beautiful set of prints and frames!

I found you from the Ain't She Crazy feature.

You have a beautiful blog.

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