Monday, December 15, 2014

The North Pole Sign Holder

I just had to share this quick and easy North Pole Sign Holder I created for our school holiday celebration with you.  It's super easy and is so cute to put on display.

I made a base about 11" square from a 1x12" board.  For the pole I used a 6' 2x2" post.  Then I topped it off with a 3" knob ball from Hobby Lobby.  I think I made the whole thing for about $15!
I painted each part seperately and knew I didn't want to tackle stripes going up it, so I picked up some cute holiday ribbon I wound up the pole.  I secured it with hot glue.
I screwed 2" screws along the board where I wanted my signs to hang askew.

For the signs I cut out arrows from 3/4" thick MDF that were about 18" wide.  This size easily accommodates cute scrapbook paper with letters cut from my Cricut.  I attached little D rings on the back for easy hanging.
Easy and fun!  You could personalize it any way you want!

I have some great Posts I created to partition off the area for Santa too I'll share next!
Happy Monday Friends!

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