Monday, June 2, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Door Decorations 2014

Finally as promised~Teacher Appreciation
 Door Decorations for 2014!
This year I got to do 3 doors, one for my daughter's teacher:
This year they have been learning all about Idaho State History~so Cowboys, Indians, Pioneers and all things cool about Idaho the famous Gem State and producer of Potatoes!  Mrs. West has been phenomenal and I'm glad that my girl got her for a teacher since she is retiring. I found an old movie poster for my inspiration and painted a version of her.  It's really quite hard to do something~paint, paper~whatever on a scale this size.  I've learned to "GO BIG OR GO HOME"!  My daughter helped me paint and I cut all the letters out with my Cricut.
One for our Librarian:

This one was easy~just the idea since we were seated near our favorite librarian when we went to go see Wicked a few weeks ago.  Can I just say~WE LOVED IT!  There is no other music played in the car or house right now except Wicked music.:)  I cut everything out of paper and painted on the skin color for Glinda and the facial features.  Letters I cut out with my Cricut.

One for our Head Janitor/Mr. Does Everything for our school:

I painted this one again.  Paint sounds crazy right~it actually is a lot easier than trying to cut all that paper to scale.  I cut him out of paper first and then painted him.  Mr. Ernie collects all thing Ernie, as you can imagine, and knew this would be perfect for him.  I was delighted to hear that he was going to have it laminated to hang up later.  Cool!

Here are the other doors this year~some really fun ones!  I especially liked the Rock Star one, The Minion was hilarious and still makes me smile every time I walk by it and of course the Taco's for the Lunch Ladies.

We decorate every staff members doors for the week and they keep them up until the end of the year.  It doesn't seem like a very big deal but our teachers absolutely love it!  I have offered to do all the door decorations next year~sorta like my parting gift to the school as my daughter will move on to Middle School~oh, that sounds like a curse word to my ears!  I'm thinking I'm a bit crazy and I didn't think the PTO would take me up on it!

I'm always loving to hear what everyone else does for Teacher Appreciation Week.  We provide a potluck lunch every day for our staff, usually with a theme like Baked Potato Bar, Soup, Salad Bar, stuff like that.  We do gift card drawings each day for our teachers.  We decorate their doors and then each class has their own list of things to do each day~anything from a sweet treat, bringing in a flower or even just a thank you card.  It's really a tender week for all involved and it feels so good to give back.

What do you do at your school?

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