Friday, September 20, 2013

Roses Are Red....Wedding Flowers

Once again I got sweet talked into helping with some wedding flowers for my friend's daughter who is getting married today.  While the thought of taking on a project like that is overwhelming I have to admit that I do love working with flowers.                                       
The normal wholesale place I've ordered flowers from before was sold last year and now they require a Nurseryman's license to get in.  This of course put me in a panic because we waited till the last moment thinking it would be easy to just go in and order....yes, I'm a true procrastinator!
Luckily the wholesale supplier through Costco came to the rescue but we had to order all the flowers sight unseen~which for me was really scary.  I'm a visual person and this was a huge gamble to me.  The wedding colors were red and turquoise so we picked out red Peruvian Lilies, red Roses of course and....
these gorgeous red Gladiolus which were even grown here locally in Idaho.
These will be for the tall table centerpieces.  The flower guy told me they were "firecracker red" and he was right!
After working all day on them I quickly snatched some pictures of them last night before they were whisked out the door, so my lighting wasn't good.
My daughter wasn't horribly excited being draped with a towel so I could get a neutral back ground picture either.  Oh, the difficult life of being a blogger's daughter.:)
I had to do 6 corsages and 11 boutonnieres, each individually labeled and tucked safely into a cooler for safe keeping.
Of course all this was done between squirrel feedings!  We've gotten a few emails inquiring on whether our little squirrels are still alive.
This is what greets me every morning next to my bed.  This is our older squirrel Martina who is about 7 weeks old now.  She has figured out I'm the Momma and source of food~she'll crawl out of the box and has figured how to jump over onto my bed to wake me up to feed her.  I am soooooo sleep deprived right now.  I have fallen off the wagon officially and back on Dr. Pepper after a good year and half of being Dr. Pepper sober.
This is our tiny baby Martin, he is about 2 1/2 weeks old now and just starting to get a fluff of fur coming in around his mouth and on his tail.  He gets cold really easily so he has to be tucked away in the shoe box on a heating pad.
Here they are together, growing fast.  I had them in separate boxes but after a couple of days Martina climbed out of her box and into Martin's to snuggle up with him.  I am so grateful that they will be able to be raised together.  And yes, my daughter picked the names~but at least she didn't go through 10 sets of names before deciding on these ones.  I still find myself calling Martina Fifi.

Tonight is our big annual School Fund Raiser Wild West Night.  Yes, I'm not only on the PTO board, I got talked into being the Vice President again this year.  I obviously don't know how to say no....  It is a carnival style event which consists of many many hours of work and planning.  There are some really fun events though and I'm taking my camera to document it and share with you guys.  What is your most successful school fund raiser?

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beautiful flowers
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