Sunday, March 3, 2013

Jelly Bean Tree

I'm not sure which we get more excited for~Easter candy~eating or decorating with it!
How could we resist to play with Lifesaver's Easter Jelly Beans again,
this time we made a Jelly Bean Tree!
Remember our fun Jelly Bean Topiaries we did a few years ago?
We were so happy with the fun colors that we knew we needed something
a little bit bigger to display them on.....
Every Spring we end of doing a lot of pruning in both our yards, but in mine I have the most beautiful Apple tree branches that were perfect for this project.
After stabilizing your branches into a vase or pot of your choice
all you have do is get out your glue gun and start gluing those little guys on.
Try to refrain from eating them up as you go!
My daughter was very unhappy that there weren't enough pink ones for her to
gobble up....I'm thinking there are some missing on my tree.....
You're going to end up with a ton of glue strings.
Don't you just hate those suckers!
Best tip I learned this year was from Craft Wars~
they recommended using a hot hair dryer to melt them into oblivion.
Ya know what?
It totally works~AWESOME!
We had to make another one just to show the difference in pots.
I'm down at the farm feed store all the time getting stuff for my ducks
and this metal pail seemed to be a perfect fit.
Stay tuned this week for our Easter themed Wood You Like To Craft!
There's guaranteed to be some fun stuff!
Happy Sunday Friends!


Suzanne said...

That is such a cute idea and I love the pops of pastel colors. It looks labor intensive, but well worth it in the end. Love it!

Kristen Whitby said...

How fun is that tree!!?? I love it! I don't blame your daughter... the pink ones are my favorite too ;)

Lisa@hooplapalooza said...

ok this is on my easter to do list! i wanna make an entire garden of them :)

Jen said...

I love your jelly bean tree and topiary! Both of those will have to be on my craft list for next year (moving soon and don't want all my hard work to go to waste!).

Jessica@SewHomegrown said...

Ok- love this!! I'm not a huge fan of an Easter tree with ornaments and this is the perfect substitute!! Plus it could stay up longer cause its just kinda springy not so Easter specific ;)thanks!

Parsimonious D├ęcor Darling said...

The topiary is just adorable!! Great work.

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