Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love....Is For The Birds....

Happy Valentines Day!!!
I just had to share my daughter's fun Valentines today.
They were so funny to do and easy!
Over the last couple of years I have become a devoted fan to photo Valentines.
Not only are they personalized but they are so easy to do.
Picasa makes it easy to add the text right onto the picture and all you have to do is hit print!
Our little ducks which are not so little now were this year's theme
and we've been thinking up funny sayings since school started of what to say.
"Be Mine, Valentine....or my Heart will QUACK!"

We hole punched 2 little holes on the side and slipped a heart lollipop in place.
Next project was her funny Valentine box.
I didn't get great pictures of how it worked.  This year all the kids in the district are learning about
simple machines and had to incorporate them into their boxes.
I told Candace we needed a whole post on simple machine ideas because there
are none out there.  Well, at least no pictures and I need pictures!
The back had a lever (like a see saw).  We cut a small hole and threaded a shim
in so that the mouth would open to eat the Valentines.
Then a thousand little squares of tissue paper later (to hide the square box shapes)
I had a very happy little girl and some really weird looks from people as we drove to school.
We hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day! to the school parties~

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Anonymous said...

Love the quack card... very cute and original~

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