Friday, December 21, 2012

Cocoa Gift Cones

Ahhhhhhh, the school parties are all done.
I have worked all week on all the little details and trying to gather
volunteers to help.  I'm so glad it's done with and so glad it was such a success.

My daughter and I always try to make a little something together
to give to the sweet kids in her class.
I saw these cones at Target but they wanted $3.99 a piece
and that's not how I roll.

I tried to snap a couple of quick pictures of them but my cloudy day wasn't cooperating with my camera.
I found the cone bags at Hobby Lobby.
It took 2 1/2 cans of cocoa mix for for 1/2 cup mix each.
2 boxes of large candy canes crushed for about a 1/4 cup each.
1 bag of mini marshmallows at about 1/2 cup per bag
It made about 20 bags and cost me about $10.

Of course we had to put a tag on it.
I couldn't figure out how to transfer the clip art over from MS Word 
but our little tag read:

I hope that it snows this year
during Christmas break
for sledding and snowman building,
or skating on a lake.
If you get cold
and need a quick fix
here’s a warm hug in a mug
from me….
a candy cane cocoa mix!
See you next year!
Merry Christmas from Avery

It was fun and super easy for us to put together.  It would be an easy and great neighbor gift too!
Do you take out neighbor gifts and when you do what do you take and when do you take them out?

When we were kids our favorite treat was brought over by the Leavens family.  They brought over a veggie tray with salami on it and 1 piece of Almond Roca for each of us.  We devoured it faster than any sweets.  Knowing this though I still make sweet treats each year.  Maybe next year I'll be brave and do the veggies.:)

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Kristen Whitby said...

Your cones turned out much cuter than the ones at target! So fun!

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