Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Afterglow

We hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!
We wanted to share a couple of glimpses of our fun day with you!
I finally got my daughter's costume done~with an enormous amount of help from my dear Mother.
My Dad asked on Tuesday night (the second night of an all day sewing marathon) if it was all worth it.....
When we came back to Trick or Treat and he could see the deliriously happy daughter of mine prancing around like a diva in her Cleopatra costume...oh yes, it was sooooo worth it!  I barely finished gluing on over 500 jewels before having to race to pick up pizza for her school party since I ran out of time to do all the cute ideas I found on Pinterest.  Oh well, for not even having time to shower yesterday~I was quite popular at the school when I walked in with those pizza boxes!

Candace's boys had fun again at Zurchers putting together fun costumes but they were in such a hurry to run off to trick or treat in the warm weather that she didn't get any great pictures to share!

***Great product tip***
Candace told me to try Beacon's 3-1 Advance Craft Glue to glue on all the jewels for Cleo's costume.  All I can say is it's AWESOME!!!!  Quick grab like a hot glue gun but with less mess and great adhesion for all the rhinestones.  It is a must have from now on for all craft projects!  You'll love it!

Best highlight of the day was peeking through Facebook last night to see all my friends post pictures or their cute kids.  I love seeing what everyone dresses up as but even more I enjoy seeing how much fun my friends have with their kids.  Hope your Halloween was great!


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