Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Papered Flag

Some of my best inspirations working with wood
come from looking at handmade cards.
I knew as soon as I saw this card/gift box
that it would be perfect made out of wood!
Isn't it so cute and clever!?!

I cut the basic shape and star out of 
1/4" MDF at approximately 11x14".
I painted it Americana Deep Midnight Blue.
I always water down my paint for a smoother finish.
It's better to do 2 light coats
than one thick globby coat.~is that even a word?
I then Mod Podged on some of the cutest paper 
Have you guys seen their paper?
It's gorgeous and thick which makes it perfect for paper crafting!
When I was done I glued gunned on some cute ribbons to hang it with.
So easy, so fun and cute!

Did any of you watch Craft Wars last night?
Oh my goodness was it fun, exciting and totally intimidating!
What did you guys think?


Kristen Whitby said...

You always make the cutest things! What a fun 4th of July decoration!

Connie said...

Those are so cute!

Craft wars was a little intimid
dating. How can anyone think under that kind of pressure? Although having all the craft supplies at your fingertips would be pretty awesome.

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